Refreshing, fun, lush. These are words that your patios at home need to imbibe this summer.

It is not that you need to escape the heat waves all the time, and sometimes you have to feel it, but at the right place at the right time. Of course, you still do not want to get your skin sunburned.

It is possible to bathe under the warm and gentle kiss of the sun even outdoors, like in the backyard garden, pool, or patio.

Today’s article will give fun and exciting ways to prepare the patios for the summer! From creating a new landscape to using playful accents such as colorful shade and a patio stamped concrete, the outdoors would be your go-to summer spot, right at your home.

Read on!

Summer Patios Designs to Try

1- Refreshing patios

You would often see an open living space in someone’s courtyard. But it won’t get much of your attention simply because of the grey concrete floor space where it stands. However, there are ways to refresh the look of a classic-styled outdoor living room.

One of which is combining the patio and pool area, and hence you got the pool patio.

Pool patios make a seamless transition between these two beloved outdoor areas. Laying the patio area by the poolside adds a refreshing twist to a pale grey concrete patio floor. A bluish, clear, calming water spot greets you as your eyes travel farther.

Another is by adding water features like a DIY fountain or water vortex as an accent that you can see while lounging on a patio wicker chair.

Or build up a fountain concrete wall that cascades at the concret floor. These water features add a calming and refreshing effect to the senses.

2- Hanging gardens inspired patio

Hanging gardens-inspired patios would feature hanging plant pots or vertical walls flowing with hanging plants. Another way is o add elevation to the patio floor. You can do this by building concrete steps that extend from the base of the patio to the steps of your entryways.

You do not have to hang the patio or the garden area literally. The trick is to make an illusion. Building extensions such as bridges and stairs would make it look like the patio floor is elevated at some length. To complete this vibe, hang air plants that coincide with the illusion of floating in your patio area.

3- Painted pots for a colorful patio

Summer is like spring that reveals fun and playful colors. While springtime blooms with colorful sceneries, summer will illuminate what you see. Colors become more vibrant as summer comes.

Painted pots are nothing new, and however, these items seem to go away from cold and rainy seasons. Now that everyone is paving the way for the summer, it is time to bring them out.

Ordinary clay flower pots can look outdated and dull. You need to add contrast to the warm weather by using light and cool colors. Resin-painted clay pots are the way to go. Make sure that you choose vibrant blue, oceanic colors, or even spring colors like lemony yellow, peach, and blushes of crimson tones.

Painting the pots is a perfect DIY for you as summer comes. Take the chance of the heat to dry the resin paints even quicker.

4- Zen-like walkway patio paver

Sometimes you may find that your front yard is too small, making it hard for you to feature a patio.

Here is the trick. Create a zen-like walkway consisting of concrete and pavers. Combining materials is a practical way to add dimension to a small outdoor space.

Also, laying out small entryways or walkways create an illusion of escape. Why not pave the facade of your small property with paver stone tiles over a concrete floor.

The design results in a zen-like mini driveway or a walkway. You can stroll along that paved lane going from your porch to your property’s outdoor spaces.

5- Lush modern patios

Lush does not all mean that you need to spend gold, and you can use tricks and learn a few decor hacks to make your patio look like a five-star hotel-like lounge.

So, how will you do this? Check out a few tips for creating luxury on the budget patio area.

  • Trim grasses. Mow the lawn.

A grassy outdoor facade makes the area look old fashioned and messy. But once you cut the growing weed, it would instantly make a difference, even making your patios look lush, clean, and green.

  • Define the patio areas.

Designate spaces on our patio. Making clearly defined space is an act of luxury. Isn’t it that luxury homes amaze you how owners have plenty of spaces for different uses. Do that on your patio. And introduce your guests to outdoor dining, or —a space for relaxing or reading under the tree, etc. Do as much as necessary. Who would have thought you got that much space and activity living like the rich and famous?

  • Make necessary repairs.

A perfect patio free of any damage is possible by applying a concrete decorative overlay. Doing so would undoubtedly make a lush-looking outdoor area. Repairs will make lots of difference to the concrete space on your deck. An even surface and polished, free-of-damaged furniture can be cheap and straightforward, but with seamless textures, the floor spaces would look high maintenance.

  • Use the leading line principle.

Ever wonder why luxurious outdoor spaces catch your attention? It’s all in the details and layout as well! A nice layout makes a stunning appeal, whether or not your property costs expensive or is done on a budget.

A linear layout looks simply stunning. Use clean outlines in your patios with polished concrete for linear stamped patterns on the floor area.

Sleek outlines make a space look lush and professionally crafted. Or resurface it with polished concrete or wooden floors for a smart patio layout.

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