One of the most popular window styles around today is the slider window, sometimes also called a glider. These windows open horizontally rather than vertically which is what distinguishes them from double-hung windows.

Sliders make a great window replacement option as they are capable of instantly transforming the look and feel of a room as a result of having no frame that breaks up the center of the glass panel. This feature allows more light into your room and brightens it up as a result.

This is just one of the positive reasons why you might want to consider installing slider windows. There are also some potential disadvantages to consider alongside the many advantages, so here is a look at some key pros and cons to consider about slider windows.

Maintenance costs are minimal

One of the main arguments in favor of installing slider windows is the fact that you will enjoy lower maintenance costs as a result of choosing this design option.

In simple terms, these windows have fewer components to maintain or replace and that makes them a very cost-effective option.

A good comparison would be to highlight the fact that slider windows are not reliant on pulleys and springs, both of which have a tendency to wear and need replacing over time in other window styles.

Great energy performance

Energy costs are always an important topic for homeowners and the good news is that these windows are constructed using quality glazing and manufacturing techniques.

If you can fit a window style that will help keep your energy bills under control it has to be something high on your agenda when you are weighing up your window replacement options.

Cleaning your windows can be a bit more of a challenge

Although it has to be said that there are many more advantages attached to installing slider windows than disadvantages it is only fair to highlight one of the most relevant issues that you need to be aware of.

Cleaning slider windows can be a bit more time-consuming and difficult when it comes to cleaning the outside of them. More conventional window styles can be tilted to access either side, making it easier to reach and clean. Sliders don’t offer that same ease of access, so it is something to think about when considering slider windows. Cleaning the inside is easy enough, though.

Easy to use

Having highlighted a potential downside to slider window designs it is also worth saying that they offer very good ease of use compared to their counterparts.

Basically, slider windows are very easy to open because they slide and that could be useful if you are an older homeowner who wants easy access.

More size options

Homes come in all shapes and sizes but window sizes tend to be more conventional and don’t offer you too many different options. However, slider windows are available in bigger sizes than double-hung windows and that means you should be able to find the right one for your requirements.

As slider windows are wider this allows you the chance to let in more light and air, which is a positive feature that gives this window style a good advantage.

All things considered, the pros of slider windows heavily outweigh the cons and they would make a good replacement option when you are thinking about upgrading your home.

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