When you’re looking to get your house painted, you only want the best of the best to do the job for you. After all, it’s going to take 2-3 years before it’s time to get them painted again. Go through this guide thoroughly to ensure asking the painters the right questions that end up giving you the gratifying results you deserve.

Home improvement is seen by many as a superfluous cost. However, your house begins to lose its value if you neglect its proper maintenance. It’s proven to be easier to look after it as you go instead of letting the condition get worse and worse.

First and foremost, you have to plan your project and explore the vast amount of painting contractors available in the industry beforehand.

As with any other project, your home improvement plan has to be thorough and all the particular facts and figures need to be worked out before you can reach out to a painter and ask them to provide an accurate estimate of the project’s cost. This is an especially important step since you need the estimate to align with your budget.

You need to ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do I want both the interior and the exterior of the house to be painted? Can I afford to get them all painted at once?
  • Do I want all the rooms of the house to be painted or just the main rooms where the guests arrive?
  • Do I have any work done on the walls prior to the painting? Are they in decent condition and won’t hinder the painting process?

You’re also advised to have chosen the paint colours that you desire, prior to acquiring the estimates. If you’re feeling indecisive, at least come up with the general idea of want you want and have the painter assist you in making an informed choice later.

Secondly, put together a list of all the professional painters that you can find. When you have the run-of-the-mill plan of what you want the end-result of your project to look like, you should reach out to about five or three companies and request their estimates.

This is the part Best Pick Reports makes your job considerably easier for you. They will link you up with only the most well-trusted experts and professionals in your hometown. Not only that, but you can also read the reviewers of their past customers to see and decide for yourself which company you’d prefer to invest your time and money in.

Once you’ve picked your companies of choice, you can shoot them a message but make sure that it isn’t too vague and you’re including ample information regarding your project.

When you’ve gone through their responses and talked to them over the phone, hopefully your list of choices has become more concise. The following are questions you can ask your painter at the in-person appointment you can arrange at your home:

  1. Do you offer a free estimate of the required budget?:

Make sure that this is the first question you ask so you know what you’re getting yourself into. You need to be certain that you’re making a fair assessment and weighing up all the offers that you’ve received. Don’t forget to ask them if there would be any need of supplementary supplies or unforeseen increase in the budget. This is why an in-person appointment at the house is preferable, so that the painter can get a better idea of the project at hand.

  1. May I know your credentials?:

Don’t shy away from asking for and confirming their credentials. Blind faith is never the way to go. Check the validity of their certifications and most important of all, ensure that they have a contractor with general liability insurance so that you’re compensated for any damages that may occur to your property.

  1. Could I see a list of references?:

Make sure to ask for the individual painter’s portfolios and request a list of customers that they’ve worked for in the past. Try to visit the homes of the customers in question to see the paint job for yourself as well, if possible.

  1. Which materials are in your use?:

Talk over the different paint brands the company offers. And while choosing the cheapest option available is definitely tempting, try to pick the highest quality paint brand that you’re able to afford because cheap brands dry and start chipping off before the year ends. It will prove to be convenient in the long-run.

Find out if the painter can provide “wall paint embossment”. This can be useful if you want certain patterns to stand out from the wall. A good example – you can get your baby’s room wall embossed with your baby’s name.

  1. Which workers are on the crew?:

Try to familiarise yourself with the painters and establish communication with all the people working at hand because they’re going to be inside your living space for a very long time.