For your home improvement projects, there are common things that you’d focus more on— updating the kitchen, redecorating the lounge, or some small paint job outside. But, most people often forget about their conservatory.

Conservatories are one of the most popular additions to British homes. After building and decorating, most homeowners are more likely to leave them as is. As traditional conservatories are built with polycarbonate and glass roofs, chances are, you enjoy the atmosphere in early spring or autumn and shut the doors in the middle of summer or winter.

So, what else can make you enjoy sitting in there all-year-round? A tiled conservatory roof. Think of thermal efficiency and the glass panels and lights you can add in. Find out more about the benefits of replacing your old, traditional conservatory roof for a tiled one. To wit:

  1. Energy-Efficient

The standard home loses 25% of heat through the roof, even with good levels of insulation. Now, in a conservatory, it could be significantly higher. The traditional polycarbonate roofs in most conservatories are ineffective in terms of retaining heat during winter. Heat rises, so when heating your conservatory, most of the warmth leave the roof.

AdobeStock_119410420 5 Reasons To Invest In A Tiled Conservatory Roof

During summer, a polycarbonate roof allows the sun to penetrate the conservatory which can make it unbearably hot, pushing your air-conditioning system to work harder.

When more heat is retained or sunlight is prevented from streaming inside, less energy is required to maintain the temperature of your conservatory. This means lower electricity bills while also reducing environmental impact. Plus, replacing your conservatory roof with solid tiles and layers of insulation can allow you to relax in your conservatory all-year-round.

  1. Less Noise

Other than the sunny summers and icy weather conditions, there’s one weather condition that makes lounging in a conservatory unbearable— the rain.

There’s something so relaxing and soothing when sitting in a conservatory during a rainy day. However, it can get a lot less amusing when you’re trying to read a book. Lounging in your conservatory during a rainy day is not that pleasant due to the unbearable noise.

Even a light shower can sound like there’s a marching band above. This is the last thing that you want when you need some peaceful time. Replacing your conservatory roof with a tiled one can significantly absorb sound and reduce unwanted noise however. You no longer have to retreat inside in the midst of heavy rain.

  1. Long-Lasting and Low Maintenance

With a solid tiled conservatory roof, leaks are almost unheard of. It’s rare for tile roofs to need regular maintenance or repairs unless they break because of heavy impact. It only requires some cleaning every year, particularly during the autumn, to remove leaves and other debris.

In addition, tiles are considered to be a durable roof material. Roof tiles won’t rust or corrode. These can last a lifetime and actually get stronger with age. Also, when installed correctly, tiled conservatory roofs are said to withstand hailstones of up to two inches big as well as high winds and even fire.

Furthermore, unlike other roofing materials, a tile roof is almost impervious to insect damage.

  1. Offers Big Transformation

Replacing your conservatory roof is one of the easiest and best ways to transform it into a relaxing and functional space for you and your family. As a tiled roof eliminates the issue of unbearable temperature, thanks to its insulating properties, you can use the space for whatever you want— a dining extension, home office, or a lounging area.

In addition, tile roofs may come in several colours and styles. Hence, you can find a design that complements your home’s aesthetic.

  1. Adds Home Value

Choosing a tiled conservatory roof can help increase the value of your home. The improved aesthetic appeal and functionality offered by a tiled roof can transform your conservatory living space and increase its desirability to the eyes of potential buyers.

In fact, a functional and well-built conservatory is said to increase a home’s value by up to five percent. This can help reduce the amount of time it takes should you put your home up for sale. Tiled conservatory roofs can almost always get potential buyers excited and ready to purchase.


As you can see, there are several benefits to replacing your traditional conservatory roof with solid tiles— from keeping your electricity bills under control to improving the aesthetics of your home. By opting for a tiled roof, you can instantly convert your conservatory into an all-year-round lounging space for bonding with your family.

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