Our home tells the story of the people that live inside, their character, and their sense of style. So, we often find ourselves struggling when choosing the right type of carpet, ensuring that our wall color is cohesive with the furniture, or getting headaches when all of our pieces in the home are brand and of good quality, but it just lacks a feeling of coziness, comfort, and cohesion.

Taking into consideration the recent innovations and news in the world of interior design, we’ve completed a list of 7 rug trends that you can check out and implement in your contemporary styled home. The key to buying the right area rug for the living room is choosing what makes you happy and catches your eye on the first glimpse. However, you can’t just put all of the pieces and think your job here is done and your room is styled. Check the trends that will prevail in 2022 from which you can get inspiration and style your home the right way!

Choose Bolder Colors & Patterns

In recent years, we witnessed the Scandinavian minimalist and clean style being very popular and widely accepted. Even the nurseries & kids’ rooms were mostly styled with neutral colors. However, this is hopefully changing by adding at least several bolder decisions in a minimal and clean interior. This is mostly rug decorations, by choosing a bold area rug with striking colors and patterns. And of course, whimsical area rugs are again the best-recommended choice for a playful and warm nursery or child’s room.

This year, interior designers will try out bolder choices and experiment with styles. Green and orange are becoming popular colors when it comes to choosing an area rug for your living room. So, why not mix them both and find a rug with an abstract design or patterns that target these colors? Even though a lot of designers go big with their monochrome ideas and neutral home vibes, bold colors are increasingly gaining in popularity. The neutral colors may seem distant and boring, the earth-toned walls are not very pleasant, so make sure you add your bold colors for extra visual appeal and more pleasant decoration.

Go With Antique Rugs

Guess who’s back in style? You can never go wrong with the antique rug areas because your home will always look stylish and trendy. Many interior designers believe that in 2022 antique rugs will prevail and meet their peak in popularity when it comes to home decoration and styling. These rugs have unique characteristics, quality of design, cultural authenticity, and a special technique by which they are made; and more importantly, they are more than 80 years old. Antique rugs are considered a luxury nowadays due to the uniqueness and elegance they provide when styled properly. They are sophisticated items that are colored with natural dyes and will blend perfectly with the rest of your furniture.

If you decide to go with antique rugs, Persian and Oriental rugs are the best choices here! The Oriental rugs originate from different parts of Asia, like India, Turkey, or China. While Persian rugs are from Iran. These rugs stand out compared to the rest of the standard and modern rugs by their symmetry, mix of colors and shades in their design, and the details like rosettes, medallions, etc.

Area Rugs With Patterns

Bold colors, a mixture of tones, abstract patterns, lines, and designs are among the favored print on any rug area. The room will feel empty, nostalgic, and monotonic to you if there are no details, or patterns that can catch your attention or make your time enjoyable. The Oriental rugs again come in the first place here because of their creative patterns, bold designs, and creativity in manufacturing that can deliver the concept accordingly. Pattern mixing is becoming more popular, so instead of combining vivid patterns with calm and neutral furniture, you can spice things up and mix the patterns. It may be dangerous, but if you do it the right way, it will be the best decision you ever made!

rug2 5 Rug Trends That You Need to be Aware of in 2022

Show Your Personality

People tend to show their personalities through pictures, things they own, clothes they buy and wear, the way they eat, and the home they live in. Since this is the era of “showing off” and being in hand with the trend in 2022, expressing the personality through home styling is now at its peak. And what is the best way to do that than with a stylish, beautiful, unique area rug that can represent yourself as an individual? You can choose modern and neutral rugs, or explicit and colorful, the choice is yours and limitless!

Bokhara Rugs

The hottest rug trends include the prints of Bokhara that date back in centuries. These are Oriental rugs that can fit your traditional room perfectly due to the design patterns these rugs have. The patterns are repeated and are classic rugs that have been used in the Middle East for a very long time. It will be very popular in 2022 because nowadays, people love decorating their homes with historic oriental patterns like the Bokhara rugs.

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