There are many reasons why you may need to repair the stairs in your home. This guide lists 5 signs your house needs stair repair.

Every year in the U.S., more than one million people have stair-related injuries. It affects people of all ages, from the elderly and toddlers to young adults and middle-aged people.

Falls can happen if you’re distracted or carrying something bulky. Sometimes they happen when you misjudge a step. Sometimes the stairs themselves are to blame.

The good news is, if the staircase is the culprit you can fix it before it leads to a painful injury.

Keep reading to learn how to spot the signs you’re in need of stair repair so you can prevent a tragedy.

  1. There’s a Loose Tread

The tread is the flat part of the stair that you walk on. A loose tread might wobble when you step on it. You might even catch the tread on your shoe as you’re walking up the stairs.

It’s not unusual for a staircase to loosen over time, but that’s why you need to keep up with regular maintenance.

You might need to replace the nails that connect the tread to the vertical risers. It could also be an issue with the riser or you may need to add some more glue.

  1. You Hear Creaking

Creaking stairs aren’t just an annoying quirk, they can also point to a safety risk. Squeaky stairs can point to a minor gap between the riser and the tread or a larger structural problem.

Figure out which step is creaky and look for gaps or other problems. If you can’t figure it out, you may want to call a contractor for repairs.

  1. The Stairs Have Water or Pest Damage

If your wooden stairs feel spongy or look warped, that’s a sign of water damage. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to replace all or part of the staircase.

If you see any piles of sawdust or deep grooves in your wooden stairs, that’s a sign of pest damage. If it’s a minor problem, you can use a wood filler to strengthen the wood. If it’s too serious, you’ll need to replace your stairs.

  1. You Notice Cracked or Crumbling Treads

Whether you have a wooden or a concrete staircase, you never want to see cracking and crumbling treads.

Concrete stairs can wear out, especially if they’re outdoors. If you notice treads that have crumbled, you can buy concrete stair repair to replace the tread. You’ll have a safe surface within hours and you won’t have to pay to replace your concrete stairs.

  1. The Handrail Wiggles

The handrail is there to help guide you safely up and down the stairs. If it wiggles when you touch it, it won’t offer much support if you need to catch yourself.

If the handrail feels loose, that’s a clear sign you need staircase repair. A loose-fitting post could also be the problem. Before you fix the handrail, make sure to check the post too.

Don’t Delay Your Stair Repair

As soon as you notice a problem, you need to take care of the stair repair right away. You can either get supplies from the hardware store or call in a professional who does staircase repair. The sooner you fix it, the better chance you’ll have of preventing injuries.

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