Our bathroom is a place of refuge in our home. Whether we are in need of a wind down after a hard day at work or a precious moment of peace in a busy weekend, a long hot shower or soak in the bathtub is always the first port of call. If you are seeking to turn your bathroom in your ultimate haven but are put off by the price tag of a full-blown renovation, try these small design updates which nonetheless promise to have a big impact in transforming your bathroom.

Choose a bold colour

Often, we choose muted colours and tiles and fittings in a light shade in order to create an atmosphere of cleanliness and calm. However, these bright white walls can quickly become clinical and dull. Don’t be afraid to express your personality in your bathroom décor with a bold colour for your walls: dark shades can add elegance and a touch of luxury, or you can go for a more vibrant colour for a youthful vibe that is sure to pop.

Use patterns to inspire

If having such a striking colour on the walls gives you a headache, or your space is too small to take it, be experimental with pattern instead. You could include decorative tiles in and around the shower – this is a good way of introducing designs from countries around the world to bring your favourite holiday destination into your home, such as using terracotta tiles to inspire ideas of the Mediterranean. You could also have a feature wall with a dramatic mural which are currently all the rage.

Swap cabinets for open shelves

Unless they are in-built beneath the counter, cabinets take up a lot of space in a bathroom which can make the room feel crowded and cramped. Swap traditional cabinets for open shelves – choose styles with glass platforms and thin metal sides to maximise the illusion of more room and to keep your storage space look neat and sophisticated. Shelves can easily be installed directly into the wall with just a few tools including a power drill, bolts, and screws. When using the drill, be sure to protect your hearing using ear plugs as the noise made by this tool is over the safe decibel limit.

Fit new taps

Rather than re-plumb your bathroom or fit entirely new fixtures, you can give the room an instant face lift by changing your taps. Offset monochrome décor with brass or copper taps or juxtapose warm bathrooms with dark metal or black taps for a trendy industrial look. Thinner, longer taps with statement handles are an easy way to introduce a look of luxury on a budget.

Introduce greenery

Last but not least, one of the most simple things you can do to elevate the room on a budget is introduce plants to your bathroom. Many indoor plants thrive in darker, cooler spaces, and will be very happy living in your bathroom. From trailing pots placed on high shelves to colourful orchids in the window, you can turn your bathroom into a nature oasis with minimal expense and effort. Plants will also introduce more oxygen which will help to boost your mood and freshen the space.

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