Removable wallpaper is the new DIY wall décor hack, but not many people know about it. If you are someone who has just heard about the magical removable peel and stick wallpaper and want to try them, you have landed on the right page.

Removable wallpapers have changed the entire concept of wall and home décor. Decorated walls will spruce up the aesthetics, giving off creative vibes and a pleasant, welcoming look to your space. It is quite essential for businesses, but equally important for the home décor.

There are different ways to decorate your house with removable wallpaper because these incredible wallpapers are suitable for all surfaces, except for the humid ones. Moreover, these are DIY, cutting all the unnecessary splurges and providing an opportunity to decorate the space like a well-to-do person.

Paste it on the stairs.

If you have a small-spaced staircase and want to decorate it like a pro, removable wallpapers are the ideal solution for it. Nope, you are not going to paste it on the walls, and it will look great on the facing base of each stair, giving a colorful look of the staircase. It will keep the stairs safe from any damage if you have kids at your home who love to draw different characters on the stairs.

Paste it on the ceiling.

The patterned ceiling is ethereal. You can paste your favorite cheetah or zebra print removable wallpaper on the wall, that too, with some customization. For a girls’ room, you may have the flowered printed wallpapers. Even though you would not need to remove the cleaning wallpaper after every few months, it is still the best choice as it is way more affordable than having the traditional wallpaper on your ceiling.

Paste it as the shelf liner and inside the cupboard.

Having the mundane book racks and shelves is not cool. Give a pop of color to the most boring furniture articles, like the shelves, by having the printed removable wallpaper at its back. Thus, all the decorative antiques would look amazing as well.

Next, to give the interior of your cupboard a pleasing and presentable look, you can have striped wallpapers inside it.

The patterned drawers and cabinets.

A dark bedroom may have a negative impact on your mind and mood. Lighten up your mood when you come back from a long tiring day. The removable wallpaper can help you in this regard. Paste the super convenient to install removable wallpaper on your drawers, giving them a modern look.

Secondly, you can have these as the cover of your cabinets. If your old cabinet style is wearing off and disturbing your house’s look, the only affordable option left is pasting the removable wallpapers on it. The only thing you must worry about is the wallpaper’s tones and its contrast with the rest of the space.

At the entry.

The entrance of a house depicts the taste of the house owner. Most guests only get to witness the entrance area, so it is crucial for a conscious person to have a pleasant entrance. To get the desired entrance look economically, we have the patterned removable wallpapers.

These are removable, which means that you can change them whenever you need them. It would be fun to have a different entrance every season, is not it more than enough to surprise the visitors?


Having removable peel and stick wallpaper is fun when you know where to install them. Many people do not go for these fantastic wall décor articles because they do not know the use. Do not be one of them; it is indeed a blessing for the mediocre families.

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