The backyard of your home is a sanctuary. It is a haven for adding a new cocktail mixer to the outdoor bar cart or basking in the sun on an oyster shell pool float.

An important element to enjoy an outdoor space is luxury rattan furniture. From sleuthing out the best cabana to finding the right fabric for your sofa, outdoor furniture is basically an investment, which takes focus and consideration.

There is a lot to know when it comes to creating a personal slice of an outdoor sanctuary, whether you crave a self-care day at home or like to host dinner parties.

So if you are looking to buy luxury rattan furniture, the following are key things you need to look at:

1. Weather

Determine the weather of the place you live, as outdoor exposure can be hard on your garden rattan furniture. There is nothing worse than sitting on scorching hot cushions in the hot weather. In this case, a good outdoor fabric will withstand summer temperatures. For instance, the lighter-colored fabric usually remains cooler for you to touch.

But in the winter, it is recommendable to take or cover your cushions to increase their longevity. If you want to leave your furniture and cushions outside in the rain, you might want to go for a flatter surface to allow the raindrops to bead up as well as roll off the fabric. Avoid pile fabrics, such as boucle or chenille, as they trap a lot of water and take more time to dry up.

To be on the safe side is advisable to go for a breathable fabric, which may withstand different weather conditions.

2. Fillings

A few fillings are used inside garden cushions that vary significantly in price, longevity, and comfort. So ensure you know the kind of cushion filling of the rattan sunloungers you want to buy consists of.

The major kinds of filling include fiber, foam, and a mixture of both. The best and the most costly filling is foam wrapped with fibers.

This is because foams wrapped with fibers look aesthetically good and can recover from weather damages or unfavorable climate conditions.

3. Accessories

Suppliers of luxury rattan furniture provide customers with a wide range of accessories that can complement their lifestyles and gardens.

As a homeowner, you may choose from different accessories to make sure you gain value from your purchase, including storage boxes.

Basically, storage boxes are containers that may help you pack your furniture away for wet and cold seasons. Apart from storage boxes, you may also consider prioritizing other accessories, including:

  • Lighting – Certain rattan furniture normally comes with some built-in lighting fixtures. Those fixtures are suitable for individuals looking to stay outside comfortable all night long.
  • Cushions – Different kinds of cushions are designed for lumbar support. Some feel more comfortable sitting on a foam cushion, whereas others have the feel of feathers. But what you could be forgetting are cushion fillings that comprise polyester, foam, and hollow-fill fibers that make rattan furniture comfortable and unique.
  • Covers – These help protect rattan furniture from color fading and other problems that the weather might cause.

4. Material of the Furniture

Among the major mistakes most buyers make when purchasing garden furniture is to ignore quality. Basically, the design might look good in-store or online, but it may look bad after some years. Almost all homeowners have made this mistake before.

So when getting luxury rattan table and chairs, ensure you weigh all your options. That is because investing in the best garden furniture from the start can save you cash in the long term.

For instance, synthetic microfiber is one of the most durable fabrics available these days. Its durability is attributed to the ultra-fine fibers it comes with. These fibers are basically woven tightly so as to create powerful layers of protection. Other recommendable fabrics you can go for include:

  • Linen and cotton
  • Canvas

5. Frame

The frame materials of your outdoor rattan furniture are associated with the cost and life expectancy. The frame of rattan furniture can consist of two major types of materials: aluminum and steel.

The latter is cheaper than aluminum. But frames made of aluminum are more resistant to rust compared to steel.In order to ascertain longevity, it is best to go for rattan furniture made of commercial and rust-proof aluminum. It is also recommendable to consider pieces of furniture with frames consisting of multiple coats of a powder-coated and high-grade coat.

To Wrap-Up!

Rattan furniture remains the most common outdoor furniture option for a lot of advantages it provides. Although rattan furniture is popular for improving the appearance of gardens, there are other benefits of adding one to your patio, including comfort, durability, and portability, just to name a few.

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