Hot tubs are necessary for the home, especially when you need some time to unwind and relax. Or what about the winter season when it is cold, and you need to stay warm? There are also many health benefits associated with their use.

Wood-fired hot tubs are one of the most challenging things to buy. This is mainly because of the numerous options available in the market. It’s good to know that there are a lot of options available out there. But which one is suited for you? This article explains everything you need to consider when choosing a wood-fired hot tub.

What’s Your Reason For Getting One?

Your choice of the wood-fired hot tub would depend greatly on why you are getting it. Different reasons come to mind.

Do you want it mainly for relaxation purposes? Is it an avenue to enjoy family time with your spouse and children? Are you hoping to get specific health benefits? Is it to beautify your backyard?

Get the most stylish stoked hot tubs for you and your family. These are a few of the reasons why you may be considering getting one. Think carefully, as it will determine your next line of action.

What Type Of Wood Is It Made Of?

There are numerous options out there. Different types of wood can be used to make wood-fired hot tubs. This is something to consider. Most people often go for the spruce wood type. This is probably due to its lower cost than other kinds of wood. However, it has the disadvantage of expanding and contracting in response to weather changes.

Another good option is the larch wood. Larch wood is a better and more durable option that doesn’t require much maintenance. However, most people consider thermally treated wood as the best option. This is expected to be more expensive due to its advantages and wide acceptance.

Whatever choice you make, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages to be aware of them.

What Type Of Heater:

Wood-fired hot tubs come with different positions of heaters. There is the internal and external heater.

You have to consider which one you would prefer in choosing your tub. The stove is covered in water for the tubs with internal heaters. The disadvantage is that about one or two portions of the seating space will be used to partition the heater from the rest of the unit. Therefore, you have reduced space with the internal heater. But you would enjoy your water getting hot faster because the heater is just inside it.

The tubs with external heaters are not embedded in the water. Rather, they are positioned outside the unit. In this case, you have all the sitting space to enjoy yourself. However, your water becomes hot rather slower than the internal heaters. This is because the external heaters can only heat your water through thermal siphoning.

Ultimately, you can choose between a faster or a slower heating process at the expense of a large sitting space.

How Big Should It Be?

AdobeStock_446392130 5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Wood-Fired Hot Tub

You need to consider the maximum number of people sitting together in the wood-fired hot tub. It would be best if you also thought about how large the space the tub would sit in. Is the hot tub mainly for you? Or do you have family and friends that may probably use the space with you?

If you have limited space for the tub to fit in, an internal heater would be a wiser option to manage space well. Don’t forget that your hot tub shouldn’t take up all the space. There should be about 1 to 1.5 meters of free space around it to make room for accessing the heater and other things.

Would You Want It Powered Or Unpowered?

Technology advances rapidly and breaks every limitation that is present. You can choose an electric-powered hot tub or an unpowered one.

Of course, the powered tubs come with their perks. You would be able to explore options like the use of filtration systems, jet systems, sound systems, and even interior lighting. These would even increase the pleasure and relaxation you derive from it. You should know that the powered hot tubs would cost more than the unpowered ones in terms of upfront costs and routine maintenance.


Wood-fired hot tubs come in varying sizes, types of wood, manufacturers, depth, and costs. The most suitable choice for your home depends on these factors and more. Most people prioritize the health benefits and relaxation that one can get out of it. It is your personal decision to make which you would best enjoy.

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