Downsizing to a condo from a bigger home can certainly present some challenges. Many people who are used to having a large home find it tough to adapt to something like a two-bedroom condominium. However, with some clever decorating, even the smallest home can become truly impressive. Here are five great tips in that regard:

  1. Make Sure Everything Is Planned Well

Small spaces can be tricky, even though they offer some pretty distinct lifestyle advantages. Before decorating any space, it’s really important to plan everything out as thoroughly as possible before ever lifting a finger to redecorate.

The important goal is to make the condo space seem larger. One area where many of these types of homes are lacking is storage space. During the planning stage, it’s important to use the space well and invest in fixtures and fittings that are space-saving by design. In this way, it’s possible to plan out a home that feels very spacious even though the space itself may not be huge.

With all that said, planning is going to be truly important before any changes are made to a home. By meticulously planning everything in advance, a more realistic budget can be drawn up as well.

  1. Use Seasonal Pops of Colour

There’s nothing like an interior that matches the season’s colours. Summer is all about bright colours, for example. One way to decorate a condo is to use pops and splashes of colour wisely.

Rather than throwing big bold colours all over the place, use throws and cushions to brighten up neutral-coloured rooms. Even candles can make a nice statement. Using a single pop of colour in a space like this can have a much bigger impact than using lots of colour all over the place.

  1. Monochrome Is the Way to Go

By using monochromatic colours to decorate functional spaces, a modern statement can be made. Don’t be afraid to use black sparingly, but mix it with shades of grey too. This ultra-modern colour scheme can also really emphasize those pops of colour mentioned above and can be both dramatic and soothing in tone.

By painting the ceilings black, the space will feel bigger. This is exactly the impression required in a condo that is short on space but big on character. Try also adding full wall mirrors right behind the master bed to ensure that the whole room remains lit up as natural light comes in through the windows.

  1. The Challenge of a Small Bathroom

Many condominiums have small bathrooms, so space for things like makeup and other accessories and essentials is often at a premium. One way to combat this problem is to create an extra bathroom area outside of the bathroom.

Rather than storing all of the daily essentials like makeup inside the bathroom and cluttering up the space, it might be better to create a dressing table just outside of the bathroom. The ideal space for this is in a master bedroom that is attached to a small bathroom. Small tables and mirrors can be had fairly cheaply, and by placing a dressing table outside of the bathroom, space is freed up.

  1. Use Shelves

One way to preserve space in a condo that doesn’t have a lot of it available is to use wall shelving. This is better than using bookshelves and other cabinetry because it saves floor space. These days, there are many kinds of shelves available in many different sizes from hardware stores, so finding one that suits your condominium shouldn’t be too much trouble. Make a statement by adding chrome, white, or black shelving against a black wall!