Paw print, piddle, and stains: you certainly cannot avoid them if you own a pet.  Hard-surface flooring, without the doubt, makes an ideal thing to keep your home in tip-top shape.  However, if you do not have ceramic tiles, painted concrete, or laminate flooring, you can go for the carpets and rugs for a beautiful interior as long as you follow pet-friendly decorations.

The key is to pick the right material that accommodates the needs of your pet.  According to pet experts, animal-friendly houses are more comfortable and cozy for humans.  If your house is not a good match for your pet, it will not work with your children and your guest also.  In other words, if you‘re a pet owner, you are extra careful and concerned about keeping every corner of your house spike and span; especially when you have carpets.

If you can relate to this and looking for some tips to keep your carpet decorated home pet-friendly, we have you covered here.

Tips for Pet-Friendly Carpet Decoration

Avoid Decorating with Wall-to-Wall Carpets

Steering away pets from carpets is nearly impossible.  No matter how much you try to restrict a furry companion in its den or basket, it needs to run around to release pent-up energy.

Although carpets and rugs can completely ramp up the interior of your home, keeping them stain free or clean with pets requires considerable effort.  It is because carpets trap pet hair; absorb odors and soak-up pet-related stains like a washing sponge.  If you want to decorate rooms with carpets, try to select the low pile.  It is easy to clean if any accident happens.  In addition, avoid carpets that have continuous loop.  These carpets can unravel with the toenails of your pet even if it catches a single loop of it.

Choose Modular Carpet Tiles

It is another useful tip if you are fond of decorating homes with carpets.  Modular carpet tiles are relatively the new paradigm in the domain of home decorations engineered with excellent design, service, integrity, and quality.  Modular carpet tiles are sustainable, giving your flooring a visually appealing look.  What makes these carpet tiles extraordinary is that you can easily replace them with new ones if your cat or dog vomits and pees on them.  It is no doubt cheaper than buying a new carpet or rug.

Use a Carpet Cleaner for Pets

As mentioned earlier, no matter how much you love or adore your pet, you do not like the stains and odor they leave on your carpets and rugs from vomit, urine, and muddy paws.

Fortunately, you do not have to deal with the dirty and smelly carpet if you have a pet carpet cleaner.  A quality machine can even remove the pungent smells and toughest stains.  Most of the carpet cleaning machines designed for pets come with added enzymes and powerful stain-removing qualities. If you do not want to buy one that has harsh chemicals, there are a plethora of carpet cleaners that come with 100% natural ingredients.  That means there is no need to be worried about your pet’s health.  If you have kids, using a home carpet cleaner with natural ingredients is ideal and safe.

Avoid Buying Expensive Rugs

Although with carpet cleaners, you can keep your carpets and rugs super clean, the trick may save you anyway.  Buying inexpensive rugs and carpets not only help you save money.  You can also throw them out if they get stained or smelly.  Seagrass or sisal mats and rugs are a good option as they provide a neutral backdrop and elegant décor.  Not only this, the material is durable to withstand pet traffic.  They are cheap to buy and toss when getting grungy.

Match your Carpet, Upholstery to Pet’s fur Color

The idea might sound bizarre, but it works when it comes to making smart choices for your home interior.  Take inspiration from your pet’s fur color when choosing carpets and upholstery.  Paint your concrete floor in the same shade of fawn as your dog or match your sofa and couch in a honey microfiber that your retriever has.

Not only does it make an aesthetic choice but also a practical one as it will hide the shedding hair of your pet.

Pets are lovely when they follow and cuddle with you to show their affection.  However, when it comes to cleaning their mess, it may increase loads of household work.  This is when you need some smart tips to keep your carpets clean, look fresh, and fragrant.  Thus, the tips mentioned -above are great to solve your all pet-related issues.