Remember the good ole days of having parties by the pool? The whole neighbourhood would come by for drinks and a barbecue. Whatever happened to those days? When did the pool become so lifeless? Well, with these five pool renovation tips, you can put the spark back in your backyard.

Revitalize Your Pool Deck

If you’re pool is sat in the middle of a cold concreate slab, you know how dreary the grey cement can look. Why not switch it out with a lovely orange tile or an outdoorsy looking slate? Some new colours and textures will do wonders for refreshing your pool area.

Renovate Your Pool Liner

If your pool is looking dim, dull, and dingy, it may be time to renovate the fiberglass liner. Don’t let a sun faded or black spotted pool keep you and the family from enjoying your garden oasis. With a quick call to a local specialist, you can easily put life back into your fiberglass pool.

Add an Audio System

Nothing says party like some good tunes. Hook up an outdoor audio system and you’ll have the entire neighbourhood over again in no time. This is an easy addition that you can set up in as little time as a day. Music makes everything better and that goes for your pool too.

Include a Dining Area

If you’re wanting to have friends over to enjoy the pool, it only makes sense that they have room to sit and eat. Adding a large outdoor table and some outdoor seating is a wonderful way to encourage friends over for a glass of wine by the water or get the family to sit outside for dinner.

Build a Firepit

Even in the heat of the summer, having a firepit to sit around adds ambiance and warmth to your pool. Who doesn’t enjoy sitting by a fire with good friends and good conversation? Simply offset the firepit from a corner of the pool and you’ll have another lovely sitting area.

Get Creative!

No matter what swimming pool renovations you make, remember, summer is here. Let’s get swimming!