Testimonials from your past clients are an integral part of your success as a real estate agent. In the real estate market, the whole process of deciding to buy or sell depends on the knowledge, experience, and skills of a real estate agent.

You want to ensure that your old clients are left with the feeling that you went above and beyond to find them their dream home. If you are certain that you have delivered the best possible service to your buyers and sellers, then it is necessary to ask them to provide you with a review.

This review or real estate testimonial will be integral to attract potential home sellers and first-time home buyers. From the first day, have a process in place for asking for a testimonial from each client. You also need to get over the fear of being seen as pushy by them.

Understanding The Real Estate Agent Testimonials

A. What Are Real Estate Testimonials?

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A real estate agent testimonial is more than a recommendation by friends and family. It is a way for you to gain credibility and prove to first-time home buyers and sellers that you are the one they should trust.

B. Why Are Quality Testimonials Needed?

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A testimonial is not merely a way for the clients to tell that they would like to thank you so much, it is also a verbal tool that can be helpful for potential customers to feel assured in your ability to help them. It would let them know that you would find them the perfect house and are also capable to sell the home too.

A good testimonial would include the following aspects:

• Build Trust in your ability as a real estate agent

• Talk about the client’s initial concerns and how you helped solve those.

• Convince the prospect to share his/her contact information and be willing to talk to you.

Tips For Real Estate Agents To Benefit From Testimonials

1. Use Testimonials As A Marketing Strategy

In all of your marketing material and communications, try to include a testimonial from your clients. This would add credibility in the form of social proof. When your potential buyers and sellers see the words that you are a helpful agent and I would recommend her to anyone, they automatically tend to trust you more.

2. Have A Testimonial Section On Your Real Estate Website

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The home buying process is complicated. Whether you are helping first-time homebuyers or new sellers, it is necessary to have an informative and engaging website dealing with all things real estate. Your business could benefit more by including a testimonial section on your website.

You could also create a simple template on your website that will guide the customers when they want to convey their thanks and write a testimonial

However, if you do not have a business website yet, then do not worry. You can include them in the exclusive landing page offered by online real state lead generation companies. For instance, is one of the leading online sellers lead generation companies that offers all of its real estate agents a professional and branded landing page.

On this landing page, you can include each testimonial that you have received. When you call a prospect, you could ask them to visit this section of the Dorrmat site, similarly, when you go for your listing appointment, you can share this section with the clients.

3. Include Real Estate Testimonials On Your Social Media Platforms

One cannot ignore the power and reach of social media platforms. Now, you might be putting up stories of a new home that you recently sold, but along with that, you should share your glowing review and clients’ recommendations.

As the impact of online platforms keeps increasing, it has become common for people who look forward to buying or selling their property to first run a search on the real estate agents in the locality. If you wish to get these potential leads to convert, then you need glowing testimonials.

4. Testimonial Should Be Visible On Search Pages

As a real estate business professional, your contact information is not the only information that should be on the top of the local search results on Google. As a professional, you must make sure that your customers are also able to see what others have to say about you.

5. Try To Get Video Testimonials

Although a text testimonial is completely fine, it might at times be a good idea to request the clients for a video testimonial. Most customers are more natural, and thereby more effective when they record a video. This will help you tremendously in attracting potential buyers or sellers.

You could even ask them questions and allow them the freedom to speak freely. Record and edit these video testimonials, and share them across social media profiles.

Bonus: Questions To Get Effective Testimonials

In order to ensure that you are getting quality testimonials, it is necessary to provide your clients with a template or a list of questions, which can guide them in a gentle manner on what to include in their responses.

Q1. Did you hear about me from friends, family, or neighbors?

Q2. Did you find our advice helpful?

Q3. Did you like working with our team?

Q4. What specific buying and selling challenge did we help solve?

Q5. Would you recommend my services to your family, friends, and neighbors?


In the real estate industry, a realtor needs testimonials to attract potential buyers and sellers. The testimonials provided by your past clients are a vital tool for you to achieve your business goals. Whether you work with a buyer or seller, it is necessary to create a process of both seeking and utilizing clients’ testimonials.

Each review can attract many leads, as the future clients will be able to envision themselves in a similar situation and connect the fact that you are the one capable of solving their property-related issues. In this way, you can ensure that each of your successful deals ends up being a chance to get more leads.

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