The bathroom is one of the most private spaces in the house. It serves too many purposes than we can ever imagine. And yes, the bathroom is a functional place more than anything. By being smart in storing all the necessary things that you store in the bathroom, you can turn that small space from an eyesore to a haven.

Of course, who wants a bathroom to be a room full of clutter? No one, right? So tidying it up and making your huge or tiny bathroom spacious is a must. Therefore, if your modern American made bathroom cabinets are filled with your personal items, and it makes it hard for you to organize it, here are five simple and most effective ways on how to make it clutter-free and spacious again.

You wouldn’t want to miss reading this article because this will provide you the basics of organizing your stuff inside your bathroom cabinet. Let’s get started.

photo-1560185127-6d2eb05d7088 5 Tips to Organize Your Bathroom Cabinet Like a Pro

1. Sorting Out Your Items

Get rid of unnecessary items like packaging and empty containers of some bathroom products.

Not throwing items that aren’t valuable anymore means more time wasted looking for your misplaced items. Also, you need to check your bathroom products because some might have exceeded their expiry date, which is not suitable for using anymore.

Throw away everything that you think is not necessary to be stored anymore, including your foul-smelling lotions and liquid baths that you received in the past couple of years. Discard everything and throw it in the garbage bags inside your bathroom. Your bathroom cabinet must only contain items and products that you often use and store the other stuff in a different place apart from your bathroom cabinet. You can try storing your supplies in a cabinet right outside your bathroom door.

2. Categorize your belongings to find your items faster.

Due to our busy schedule, we usually forget to organize our belongings according to their sizes, uses, and other different categories. That’s why when we look for our makeups or scissors that we will be using for the day, we tend to have a hard time searching for them around the corners.

Things should be organized separately. You can use boxes and jars that suit the sizes of your items and regiments. Group your house items according to their uses. It’s the best to separate frequently used from barely used products and put it into space that can be reached easily.

Those products and equipment that you seldom use should be placed at the back portion of the cabinet and those you use most of the time should be the first thing that you’ll see when you open your cabinet doors. Aside from that, you also need to have different containers for makeups, medicine, body products, and other cleaning supplies.

They should not be stored together to keep them away from mixing. Labels are also necessary to keep your things in place and make it easy for you to sort your belongings. You can make creative DIYs if you think you need to add beauty to your cabinet.

You can also add hooks inside your bathroom cabinet even on your cabinet doors to hold items like hairbrushes, toothbrushes, and hand towels. Utilize all the space inside to store a lot of items. You should squeeze your creative juices when organizing your things inside your bathroom cabinets.

3. Incorporating Shower Organizers

Your shampoos, soaps, and conditioners should not be stored inside your bathroom cabinet. They are the most used items in your bathroom so they can be placed outside the box. Dripping waters after using these bathroom essentials can cause damage to your cabinet.

Instead, you can use a basket shower organizer. It can be mounted on the wall close to your shower area. Also, it doesn’t really occupy a massive space in the area. The water from these things can easily fall through into the floor so cleaning would be much easier and time-saving.

photo-1538430224529-7eceed6ab252 5 Tips to Organize Your Bathroom Cabinet Like a Pro

4. Utilize Compartments

If your bathroom cabinet comes with drawers, it will also help sort out your bathroom necessities. Just like the bathroom cabinet itself, things that you often use should be on the front line, and those that you seldom use should be stored at the back.

One thing that’s perfect for keeping tiny items like hairpins, pieces of cotton, and other materials are glass containers. These containers will also add beauty and style to your cabinets. Medicine and other harmful products shall be placed in a corner where children cannot reach them.

5. Adding Office Supplies to Your Cabinet

If you think that office supplies are only intended for office use, think again. Paper clips, pins, and adhesive tapes can also help you organize your bathroom supplies. They can hold tiny items together in place to avoid getting lost.


Always make your bathroom cabinet a clean and organized storage for your things. Do not leave it messy and untidy. You can have a once-a-month schedule for cleaning your bathroom cabinet space and throw away unnecessary and expired items and products.