Redecorating your home’s interiors can be a very costly and lengthy procedure. However, you may want to spruce up your home without having to go through a thorough renovation, complete with constructions crews and contractors.

What’s easier than giving your home a simple cosmetic uplift with paint or wallpaper? They will take much less time than a full-on redecoration or renovation, and also make your home look much newer. After all, the walls form a major part of a home, so just changing them can have a heavy impact on the interiors. The first thing to keep in mind, though, is that you should not compromise on quality and get materials from the best vendors you can find, which you can find on websites like Houzz.

Water damage? Patch it up!

If there has been minor water damage in your walls due to heavy rains or such, you can cover the unappealing area with either paint or wallpaper. However, if the dampness in your walls is consistent, you must get the root cause repaired before you cover the affected area. Otherwise, the new paint or wallpaper will peel off and make your interiors look highly unappealing, in addition to the structural damage such a problem may be causing. For areas with heavy monsoon rains, paint is more practical than wallpaper, as wallpaper may bubble up in patches.

Bland interiors? Brighten them up!

You might be getting bored of the same old interior décor in your home, but might be avoiding a complete renovation. Why not uplift various rooms in some subtle ways? Use bright and unique paint to add an accent wall to larger rooms.

These days, you can find wallpaper in a wide range of finishes and textures. So, no matter how subtle or dramatic you want to go, you’ll find a number of attractive options for your needs.

For even subtler ways to use paint and wallpaper to uplift your interiors, don’t overlook niches and trims. Give them a coat of fresh paint in an interesting colour to make them stand out.

Removed your ancient air conditioner? Cover up the evidence!

With electricity bills a major concern for everyone, people are gradually moving from conventional air conditioners to units utilising inverter technology. The older units were generally bulkier and involved more damage to the underlying wall, so removing them results in an unsightly patch or hole.

You can get this area repaired and give it a fresh coat of paint so that it blends into the wall. Note that you might have to get the whole wall repainted so that the tone matches. Alternatively, you can cover up the wall with wallpaper.

Want to spruce up your cabinets? Just add wallpaper!

Think out of the box when looking for ways to up the ante in your interiors. Wallpaper and paint are not just for your home’s walls. Look around and you’ll realise that there are countless little ways in which you can completely change the look of a room with just a few subtle touches here and there.

If you have a display cabinet with glass doors, why not get creative with it? When you have wallpaper installed in your home, there will always be considerable scraps left over. Use these scraps to line the cabinets on the inside. This will give the cabinets a unique and updated look, especially if they are lighted from the inside.

If your cabinets don’t have glass doors, don’t fret. You can still use wallpaper to add some character to them. Use wallpaper strategically to cover the doors of various cabinets from the outside for some conversation-starting décor. This is especially useful in a child’s bedroom or playroom, as there is a lot of leeway for colour in these rooms.

Want to update your furniture? Grab some paint!

If you have spare time on the weekend and have the knack for DIY projects, you can completely uplift your interiors using paint. You can turn your everyday furniture into statement pieces with just a few splashes of paint.

If you have a stool or ottoman with long, plain legs, paint the bottom halves of their legs in a bright colour for a contemporary and trendy look. You can also paint the wooden arms or backs of chairs for an instantly fresh look.

This also works pretty well for your patio or lawn, as bright outdoor furniture stands out. In addition, the elements tend to fade outdoor furniture, so a coat of paint will do it good. You can also paint your plant pots in various colours and patterns for a quirky look in your lawn or patio.

So, get out of the wallpaper vs paint debate and use both to give your interiors a completely fresh look.