If you’re thinking of selling your property in the near future, a few enhancements that will bring your house’s price up will benefit you greatly. Or perhaps you may just want to upgrade your home a little. Particularly if it’s been a while since you made any renovations or changes to your décor, a change of look can completely freshen up the ambience.

Regardless of what your reasons are, adding value to your home is always a smart decision and there are many ways to do it. To give you some inspiration, here are 5 tips and tricks that are sure to improve the look, feel, and value of your house.

1) Update your kitchen and bathrooms

Two of the best places to upgrade for adding more value to your home are the bathroom and the kitchen. If you’re planning on selling your home, first make sure that for every 3 bedrooms there is at least one bathroom with a shower. Then replace any chipped, stained or rusted sanitaryware. The same applies to the old tiles, as looking fresh and clean are the first things that people notice when looking at bathrooms.

The bathrooms and kitchens are also a great way to achieve the wow-factor that might get somebody completely in love with a property. Small changes that make them brighter or give the impression of a bigger space can go a long way. Other updates that you can try for these two essential rooms can be repainting the walls, change the colour palette to more neutral shades, add more mirrors, replace the door, the tiles, or the floor. Finally, don’t forget the most crucial element – make sure that the plumbing works perfectly!

2) Invest in good-quality windows & glazing

The quality of the windows can make a significant difference to a home. Not only double-glazing windows can be almost expected by home-buyers but they can also save you up to £250 on heating bills. Another noteworthy effect of having high-quality windows and glazing is the wow-factor that they can achieve. This is particularly the case when you upgrade to external bifold doors from Genesis, they truly leave a strong visual impact that gives your house a premium feel.

3) Extend your home

If your house is already in a fantastic condition, why not try to build an extension? It may be the case that the property has already undergone many upgrade changes, such as new flooring or repainting, and it’s time to think bigger. Extending the property can bring an up to 12% mark up to its value; it just has to be done correctly. Make sure that the execution of the new design blends well with the rest of the picture. You may consider adding a new storey or perhaps extending your front porch. These investments can cost thousands of pounds, but when done well and stylishly they are sure to property’s value increase worth it.

4) Convert your loft

While extending your home entirely can be a pricy option, a loft conversion can be a more budget-friendly alternative. This is a fantastic way of making use of unused space and adding value to the house. Depending on how complicated the works are, the conversion can cost up to £20,000. However, on average, surveys show that converting your loft adds around £23,000 to the market value. This loft can become any room you want, such as a new bedroom or living room, but make sure that it is styled in the same manner as the rest of the house. Just as planning an extension, converting a loft needs to seem like an integral part of the house. This way you will add the highest possible value to your house through this upgrade.

5) Revamp you garden

A well-kept and tidy garden will definitely add more appeal to any property. Studies show that 45% of home buyers find revamped gardens desirable. Regardless of whether you consider doing this for ease of sale or simply for a home upgrade, there are many ways to give your garden a stylish boost. Raise your fences up to 2m to ensure complete privacy. Try adding a seating area, a barbeque, a lawn, plant some flowers or even decorate it with garden ornaments. Alternatively, you can improve the look of your back garden merely by cleaning and tidying it up, mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges. All these small changes can sometimes give your garden a complete make-over feel.