As generations shift at the workplace and business moves forward, things change in the office. It’s not about finding the right employees anymore; it’s about making them stay. It’s hard to create an environment for employees to remain at their jobs, so employers need to develop various strategies and make things work.

Workers in all industries constantly change their workplaces. New generations love exploring their options, and they will probably leave their jobs sooner or later. Not because they are unsatisfied with the pay, but because they get bored.

Back in the day, all offices looked the same. There was a front desk and many cubicles filled with employees who did their jobs on computers and phones. Today, it’s much different – offices are designed to create a perfect connection between work and fun.

If you’re a business owner or a manager, and you’re thinking about raising the motivation and employee retention rates, you surely want to know how to do it. In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips on this subject. Keep reading and see how to create a happy office.

1. Install a kitchenette and offer free drinks

An essential part is a kitchenette and a few tables where employees can get together and talk about stuff not connected to work. Ensure the employees don’t pay for their drinks as other companies already provide much more than just free drinks.

A coffee machine, a fridge with cool beverages, and some snacks are great stuff for your employees. When they get overwhelmed with work or simply need a break, they’ll go there, enjoy a cup of coffee by themselves, or laugh with a colleague.

2. Create a fun corner with a few office games

A corner or a different room with a few games like ping-pong and an air-hockey table, or something simple as darts, can be highly valuable for raising the competitive spirit among employees and keeping them motivated and happy.

It’s boring to go to work and do nothing else but work. If your employees get the chance to spend a few minutes or an hour in a sporting activity, this will make them full of energy and help them do a better job. On top of everything, it will make them love staying in your company too.

3. Set Bali flags with the logo of the company across the premisses

We live in a world of technology and social media. That means your employees will love to snap some workplace photos and upload them on social networks. Photos with your logo behind the employees mean free promotion and gaining new clients.

Set a few Bali flags around the offices and let your employees take photos of them. This simple act raises their loyalty and promotes brand awareness to other people in their social circles. If they love your company, they’ll also love sharing to work there.

4. Always have top-notch working equipment

Working in the digital world means your employees are dedicated to handling their tasks on computers. Along with computers, your employees require different hardware, like printers, scanners, and similar stuff. You must provide state-of-the-art equipment if you want to see them happy.

Imagine you working on a $200 laptop as a CEO. It wouldn’t feel good, right? It’s the same for them. Your employees also want to feel valued and have their self-esteem to work in a competitive environment or leave the job and go somewhere where they’ll appreciate them. Get them the right tools to work.

5. Let more light in – install wide windows with a lot of sunshine

One simple yet often underrated issue that many employees miss is providing enough sunlight for their employees. Letting them work in a building without windows or with only a few of them will mean working in darkness. This often becomes depressing and demotivating.

Instead, find a place where offices will be well lit, and enough sunshine will enter inside through the windows—having offices filled with natural light will make people working inside happy and productive. It is scientifically proven that vitamin D is good for mental health and productivity.


If you are a business that is looking to implement the five changes that we have mentioned in the article, you might look to start by hiring a commercial fit out company in Dubai. They will be able to help you plan the workspace in such a manner that it helps drive productivity and keeps the employees engaged to their working environments.

These five points are everything you need to know if you’re thinking about setting up a new office with employees. You can no longer lie to yourself that there are no loyal workers. If you already have one and miss some of the above points, it’s about time to get into action and get things done.

Accept the fact that you need to improve the workplace. Start with the basics, and that means creating a happy environment. Don’t expect that your employees will be satisfied only by the paycheck – make them love working for you, and investing in the office is one of the ways to do it.

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