Having a garden adds to the aesthetic as well as increases the value of your home, which is why it is essential to maintain your garden every once in a while. It doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of ways for you to upgrade your garden without spending too much.

Here are a few ways you can do so:

  1. Invest in High-Quality Furniture

It may seem the opposite of not breaking the bank, but investing in high-quality furniture is a cheap investment in the long run. High-quality garden furniture won’t break easily. It would last a long time which means you won’t have to keep replacing them in your garden.

outdoor-furniture 5 Ways To Upgrade Your Small Garden Without Breaking The Bank

You can find some garden furniture at physical stores and even online stores like Park Warehouse. When you want to upgrade your garden again, you can get a little creative with it. You can paint it or add some cushions or anything that can match your planned theme like a Catholic garden or zen garden.

  1. Start Recycling

Upgrading your garden doesn’t have to mean you have to buy lots of new stuff. You can always choose to recycle. It will not only enhance the garden but it will also help the environment.

Some things you can repurpose are:

  • Plastic Bottles – Do you buy lots of sodas every month? Don’t just throw away your plastic soda bottles into the trash. You can use them as plant pots. Cut off the top and add in gravel, soil, and your choice of plant.
  • Old Desk Drawers – An old and unused drawer can make a pretty addition to your garden. The leveling of drawers will be your planter boxes. You can paint them and then add in your plants. You will then have tiers of plants that are on a pretty recycled drawer.
  • Old Teacups – If you have teacups that you don’t use anymore, you can also use those as seedling planters. Don’t throw away your chipped teacups yet because they could still be useful in your garden. You can even use it to make your bird feeder. Here’s how you can make it:
  • Get an old saucer and glue the teacup sideways, like you tipped over the cup onto the dish, with the handle sticking upwards.
  • Fill it up with bird seeds, so it looks like it’s spilling over.
  • Then tie a rope on the handle, and hang it on a tree branch or wherever you want.
  • Then, wait for the birds to come and visit your garden for some snacks, which will help put a relaxing atmosphere in your garden.
  1. Use Gravel Instead of Cement

Having a patio area in your garden can serve as a space for your furniture. You can set up chairs, benches, and tables, so you have a place to read books, or have some alone or family time. To create that space, use gravel instead of cement.

gravel-garden001-1 5 Ways To Upgrade Your Small Garden Without Breaking The Bank

Cementing will cost more than using gravel. Gravel is cheap plus it looks better and more natural. You can even use it to create a pathway in your garden. You can use rough or smooth gravel depending on your preference.

  1. Add Some Trees

Tree seedlings are cheap because of its size and its long lifespan. For a small garden like yours, small trees are enough. You have many options like Kousa Dogwood, June Berry, Shadbush, and Eastern Redbud.

Trees can add some dimension to your small garden. Even if you have plants and shrubs, a few taller trees will create a beautiful addition to the layers in your garden. As it grows, it can even provide some shade for you to sit under and take naps. Around three of it are probably enough for your small garden.

  1. Hang Some Lights

At night, illuminated gardens look stunning and magical. You don’t have to hire an expert to strategically place different kinds of lights to highlight parts of your garden. It will cost you more money. Instead, you can find inspirations online and set up the lighting yourself.

Fairy lights or string lights are trendy for outdoor settings. You can easily find those online, and they are very affordable. You can wrap it around your treetops or let then hang from tree to tree, any way you want.

Garden projects don’t have to cost you tons of money. There are plenty of ways for you to upgrade your garden, including the ones above, even with a small budget. Get creative and find some inspirations so you can conjure up your ideas for the kind of garden you like.