Vinyl replacement windows are durable. No other window material stands up to the test of time and weather better than vinyl. Wood rots, aluminum oxidizes, and fiberglass tends to deteriorate at the corners. All-vinyl windows are heat, water and UV resistant, which means they will last longer for you.

Vinyl windows are energy efficient

If your windows are older, you may be losing out on as much as 40% of your home’s heating and cooling costs to drafts. Vinyl window replacement is an excellent way to reduce these costs and protect your family’s comfort — not just in the winter, but year-round. Older windows often have single pane glass and very little insulation value. With vinyl, you can upgrade to a thicker insulated material that provides a higher level of thermal comfort without sacrificing style or function.

Vinyl windows help with soundproofing

Vinyl windows are known for insulating noise and temperature. If you live along a major road, or in a neighborhood with high traffic volume, installing vinyl windows can reduce the amount of outside noise that enters your home. This can be a real blessing if you struggle with sleeplessness or other elements of stress due to loud noises.

Vinyl windows offer great options for customization

Vinyl windows are a great option for buyers on the fence about their choice of window material. They’re durable, energy-efficient and they come in a wide range of colors that match your home’s style. You can even consider texturized vinyl windows as an alternative to wooden ones – they look great, are low maintenance and much less expensive than real wood!

Vinyl windows are the low-maintenance option

Homeowners who are interested in investing in window replacement services will find that this type of home improvement is one of the smartest, most budget-friendly investments they can make. Unlike other kinds, vinyl windows cost less to manufacture, making them generally the least expensive option as far as up-front costs go. Moreover, homeowners can prepare for a lifetime of energy savings!

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