Whether you’re well-established or a rookie in the interior design industry, there are always new ways to improve your client experience. Working in homes gives you the opportunity to tap into other related services. If you’re interested in adding a few more options to your interior design service packages, take a look at the ideas below.

Home Staging

While many people request interior design help for their residences, there are many clients who need assistance with homes they don’t plan to live in. This includes homeowners who are putting their property on the market and property developers who need to make their empty buildings look appealing to buyers.

Home staging services are different from traditional interior design, as you would prioritize function and mainstream styles over the client’s personal preferences. However, as good staging can make a home sell faster and secure a higher price, the service is in demand.

If you are interested in including home staging as part of your service package, consider partnering with a furniture retailer. You can lend out pieces from the showroom to place in the home in exchange for advertising the store during homebuyer walk-throughs.

You get the chance to use modern, stylish furniture in your design and the retailer will get virtually free exposure. It’s a win-win for both companies.


Sometimes design plans call for purchasing new furniture or items, but many clients already have beautiful pieces that they may want to incorporate in the design. If these items are heirlooms or vintage, they may need freshening up to fit into the upgraded design.

For this reason, connecting your clients to a restoration team is a great way to improve customer satisfaction. Restoration companies have the expertise and era-compliant materials and techniques to return old pieces to their former glory. This service can be expensive, but if the furniture item is priceless, many clients will be happy to pay.

Clients with less valuable items may still want to adapt some of their furniture to match the new design. In this case, a refresh may be more appropriate. Furniture refreshes are much less intensive than restorations, and can be completed using material found at most fabric and hardware stores. If you have some skills and enjoy these types of hands-on projects, you can also offer to refresh furniture yourself.


Interior design plans often call for changes that will require skilled technicians. If you don’t have those qualifications, you can seek out a firm that does to partner with you on your projects. Clients appreciate bundled services as they make project timelines more predictable.

Most interior designers will have at least a few general contractors, architects, plumbers, and electricians as preferred partners. When you advertise yourself as an interior designer, be sure to make it clear that clients can expect these types of services as well. If you need inspiration on how to brand this side of your business, search for general or electrical contractor advertising ideas.

Textile Making

Home design incorporates a lot of fabric, from curtains to pillowcases. Of course there are endless designs and materials to choose from, but what if your client wants something more unique?

You can offer textile making and pattern design to clients who want to add their own stamp to the design. You can find dozens of websites that allow you to create a pattern, choose a fabric, and print the result directly online. In a few weeks, the unique textile will arrive at your client’s door. Some retailers also offer self-designed wallpaper and artwork.

Cleaning Services

No matter how well designed a home is, it is easier to see its beauty when each room is clean and organized. By including a professional cleaning in your interior design package, you can ensure that your client’s home will be in its best possible state when you complete the project.

Cleaning services can do more than scrub floors. Many companies also offer organization services for areas that tend to collect clutter, such as closets, cabinets, and pantries. Installing a functional but sleek organization system will help your clients keep their home sparkling long after your work together is over. These kinds of extra touches make you stand out from the competition.

Feng Shui Consultation

For many people, the energetic atmosphere of their home is just as important as the visual aspects. One popular philosophy for curating the energy of the home is the traditional art of feng shui.

Feng shui adherents believe that specific corners of the home are tied to other life areas, such as career, family, wealth, and health. During a consultation, the client will determine which area of their life they need to focus on, or which they would like the most energy to flow to. From there, you can select objects, materials, and layouts that will maximize this energy in the space.

If you are not familiar with feng shui, you can work with a knowledgeable consultant to review your design plans and make recommendations.

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