More often than not, among the challenges for homeowners is adding their personality to make their homes look special, unique, and remarkable. Fortunately, there are many ways you can make your home more personalized, reflecting your character in your living space.

In recent years, improving a home has become a trend, and homeowners have seen the benefits a beautiful and personalized home can do on a family or anyone living inside. In the United States alone, home improvement expenditure amounted to a whopping USD$457 billion in 2020, and the projected sales in the coming years will surge even higher.

As you give your home a new look that reflects the personality of everyone living inside, here are some creative suggestions you can keep in mind:

  1. Add Your Signature Color

While you can easily make your living space to be personal using pictures or displaying other personal mementos you have, there are other ways you can inject personality. For instance, everyone has a favorite color. And artistically adding it to your living space can showcase your style and personality.

You can decorate your living space with a few touches of your preferred color palette. Say you love teal; you can add a fluffy throw blanket with hints of teal on your cream sofa or add wall artwork with shades of teal on your wall. You may also incorporate the color through teal vases and small pieces of detail all over the living space. This way, your favorite color will de delicately displayed and not appear like it’s intentionally used to announce it’s your favorite color.

  1. Change The Hardware

Most newly built homes have standard hardware. They may look classy and elegant, but they can also appear on all the other houses around the neighborhood. And you surely don’t want your home to look just like all the other homes on the block.

Replacing the hardware with your favored vintage or ornate decorative ones can make all the difference. For instance, you can change the drawer pulls, door knobs, and drop pulls and add a decorative back plate to elevate the style and inject your personality into your home.

  1. Use Wallpaper

Depending on the design and texture, wallpapers can transform a living space. Today, there’s a vast array to choose from, and selecting one can be fun and will undoubtedly speak of your personality and style.

If you have a fun personality, geometric patterns will suit you best. If you’re the feminine type, muted colors in pastel with floral or delicate graphics may favor you. On the other hand, wallpapers with metallic details can speak of elegance and sophistication, while those with an art deco theme can add an artistic and modern twist to your living space. Ultimately, the wallpaper you choose for your living space can be a great way to express your character and style preference.

  1. Create Zones

If you find it challenging to display your personality in one large area of your home, why not start somewhere small and begin in tiny spaces? Creating zones can efficiently make use of ample space and give many family members areas to enjoy on their own.

These zones can be a reading nook under the stairs, a space near the bay windows, or the breakfast bar near the kitchen. It would be easier to customize a smaller space as you don’t have too much to deal with. And once you have successfully done this, the more prominent areas will be a walk in the park.

  1. Replace The Light Fixtures

Light fixtures have a way of altering the appearance of a space. Replacing the typically installed basic light fixtures with ones with a fantastic personality can accomplish an enormous change to an area.

For instance, pendant lights lend a great touch to a space. Recessed ceiling lights, on the other hand, can showcase a hint of modern sophistication. Floor and table lights, depending on the design, will not just beautifully illuminate a space but also speak volumes of one’s persona.

  1. Change The Tiles

Like wallpapers, tiles can magically transform a space and project one’s personality beautifully. For example, choosing plain-colored tiles can reflect your simplicity, while bold patterns add depth to any space and inject your creativity into it. Alternatively, the checkerboard flooring is classic and can speak of your ageless style, while a colorful motif with an intricate pattern may articulate your youthfulness and carefree nature.


AdobeStock_532325306 6 Creative Ways To Add Personality To Your Living Space

Adding personality to your living space is attainable and a fun project to do. Incorporating the things you like, such as your favorite color, patterns, and textures, can bring out your character and breathe life into a space.

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