Houston, Texas, is one of the many desirable cities experiencing a boom in real estate. Demand is far outpacing supply, creating a sellers’ market that is inspiring many homeowners to sell and enhance their return on investment.

Having the right design features can help sellers’ attract the right buyer to offload their homes quickly for the best possible price. Here are six design tips that will help you sell your home fast.

Use Warm Neutrals

Jewel tones and dark shades have been a popular interior design feature in Texas during the past year. However, these bold looks don’t appeal to everyone. According to the experts at Very Fast Home Buyers, one of the key components of selling a home fast is making it as neutral as possible.

The logic behind this strategy is simple. Warm neutrals remove the homeowner’s personality from the house, making it easier for a prospective buyer to envision themselves there. Bold colors elicit an emotional response. While some Houston home buyers will love regal forest green walls, others will hate it and won’t be able to see past it when viewing your home.

Upgrade Old Light Fixtures

Upgrading light fixtures is another effective way to appeal to Houston home buyers. This upgrade also tends to be a low-cost, high-return investment as you can shop sales and department stores for fixtures.

Replace old, bulky shades and clunky fans with streamlined alternatives. Consider open pendant lights and chandeliers that diffuse light more effectively. Open light fixtures help reduce shadows and make the space look larger. Consider hanging a few mirrors as non-personal decor elements to enhance this effect.

Embrace Minimalism

Minimalism has become a popular design trend in recent years. This trend stems from a mindset shift away from owning things and toward the importance of experiences. It also plays an integral role in selling a home by making it look less cluttered and more spacious.

Consider removing bulky furniture pieces, keeping one or two pieces per room. Either store your additional furniture away or consider embracing the minimalist look in your next home. Another effective way to get cash for houses in Houston is to rent newer furniture pieces and invest in professional staging.

Refurbish the Cabinets

Kitchen upgrades are one of the best selling features of a home. However, they also tend to be the most expensive and time-consuming upgrades. If you’re hoping to sell your home fast, a full kitchen remodel likely isn’t feasible.

Save time and money by refurbishing your existing cabinets. Give them a deep clean, and consider painting or gel staining them to breathe new life into your kitchen. Replace grungy, out-dated handles and knobs with newer, shiny upgrades.

Refurbishing the cabinets isn’t an easy project, but it’s more time-sensitive and budget-friendly than a full remodel. This weekend project will help enhance the value of your home and inspire a quick sale.

Rethink the Flow

Reconsider how the furniture in your home is currently organized. While the existing layout might work for you, a few tweaks could dramatically improve your chances of selling your home fast.

Use an online floor planner to determine if there’s a better, designer-inspired layout for your home. Think of how you can create more functionality with your furniture placement and showcase the potential of your home.

Add Functional Storage

Finally, adding functional storage options is another savvy way to sell your home faster. Consider installing simple shelving above door frames and punctuating them with a few books or decor pieces. Adding built-in shelving can also enhance the value of your home and inspire potential buyers. Again, the idea is to showcase your home’s potential in an impersonal way.

With these six designer inspired tips, you can appeal to Houston home buyers and take advantage of this hot market.