Decorating a new home is a lot of fun. You have colors to pick out, new furniture to buy, and then there’s the outdoors to consider as well. But sometimes, homes with high ceilings and those gorgeous hardwood floors can be a bit noisy. They are prone to echoing, so while you’re decorating, you might want to consider how to dampen the sound in your house so that it’s more enjoyable to live there. Too much noise in a home can make it difficult to have conversations and it can be damaging to the ears. There are plenty of ways to reduce the sound and decorate your home, here are 6 of them.

Soundproofing Your Home

Soundproofing your home is important, as it can help you sleep better, save money on electricity and make your home more comfortable. Soundproofing can also reduce the noise of footsteps in rooms above or below you and can reduce the way that sound travels in from the outside. There are plenty of ways to soundproof. Using acoustical panels, carpets, and even the right kind of insulation all help to reduce the ways that sound travels.

Soundproofing a Wall

If you’re looking for an easy way to reduce the sound and echoes in your home, soundproofing a wall is a great place to start. There are several different ways that you can go about doing this. The first option is adding soundproofing material onto the walls themselves. This can be done with foam insulation pads or fiberglass panels. You may even consider heavy drapes or curtains because they’ll block out a lot more noise than just an extra layer of drywall would. The great thing about soundproofing walls is that you can keep the noises from outside of the home from interfering with the sound inside the home.

Soundproofing a Room

By adding soundproofing in various ways throughout your home you can make it more comfortable to live in. Soundproofing a room is a great way to reduce the sound and echoes in your home. Acoustic ceilings are one of the most effective ways to do this, and they’re also one of the easiest ways to make your new or old home feel like a much quieter place. With the right materials, these ceilings help to keep sound from traveling and bouncing all over the place. Plus, when you soundproof different rooms, you can easily add whatever décor you want to make the room feel like you.

Using Carpets and Wall Hangings

Think about it. A big empty room is noisy. When you walk, talk, and even breathe, all those sounds are amplified. Carpets and wall hangings are a great way to ensure that sound only goes where you want it to. Using strategically placed wall hangings and carpets can help you reduce the sound in your house and they look great too and can be the perfect additions to your home design.

Add Cushioned Furniture

Couches, chairs, and other even cushioned ottomans are great additions to your home. They can add comfort, give you a place to watch TV, and they serve dual purposes when it comes to reducing the echoes in your house. As sound travels throughout the rooms, these cushions absorb sound instead of bouncing it back. This means that in rooms with soft furniture, you are less likely to have sound issues than when you have rooms with hard furniture. In bedrooms, cushioned headboards, pillows, and even a soft chair if there is room can also make a difference.

Leave Your Shoes at the Door

In some places around the world, it is common to take off your shoes from the outside and put on slippers, or house shoes. These shoes are typically soft so they don’t make the same loud noises as hard-soled shoes like heels and other dress shoes. This helps dampen sounds as you walk through your home and can make it more comfortable for others especially if you get home late at night. It’s one way to reduce echoing sounds that come from footsteps throughout the house.


Reducing the sound in a house starts with using the right insulation and then possibly adding wall panels and other tools. Additionally, decorating with soft furniture and wearing house shoes can improve the noise as well.

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