When it comes to furniture, the term “floating” can mean that the furniture isn’t touching the walls, or it can mean that certain pieces of furniture actually appear to be “floating”. This look is often associated with luxury, and it’s an easy and inexpensive way to make your home look more luxurious. Here are a few examples of what you can “float” in your home.

#1: Vanities, Stands, and Desks

Prime examples of furniture that appear to float above the ground include bathroom vanities, TV stands, and even desks. These pieces of furniture are mounted on walls as opposed to resting on legs or some other type of foundation that holds them up from the ground. This gives you much more floor space for storage— just make sure that you don’t store too many extra items under your floating furniture because it can begin to look cluttered. However, the idea behind this type of floating furniture is to keep a clean look throughout your home, so try not to store anything underneath these pieces of furniture.

#2: Shelves

If you need more room for storing specific items, then floating shelves are exactly what you’re looking for. Similar to floating vanities, stands, and desks, floating shelves are mounted to the walls, and they take up much less space than your typical bookshelves. Floating shelves can hold your books, plants, picture frames, and any other type of home decor item you can think of.

Install floating shelves in your kitchen to hold your kitchen utensils, herbs, spices, baking supplies, etc., or install some in your laundry room to store your supplies. Wherever you choose, you’ll give your room a cleaner look while being able to store essential items. Floating shelves typically can hold 50 pounds for every stud each bracket is attached to, so it can hold a good bit.

#3: Loveseats/Sofas/Sectionals

When it comes to floating bigger pieces of furniture (such as your seating), they don’t appear to float above the ground. Instead, they’re “floating” in the middle of the room being grounded with an aerial rug, a coffee table, and maybe an end table or two. To effectively float the furniture in your living room or family room, you should aim to leave at least a foot of space between the furniture and the walls. This setup gives the appearance of having more space around the furniture while creating a cozier and more intimate environment in your actual sitting area at the same time.

#4: Kitchen Island

There aren’t many kitchen items that can be floated (besides installing floating shelves on the walls), but the most obvious is a kitchen island. As the name suggests, it’s a counter that sits all on its own in one part of the kitchen— usually the center. Not all kitchens have islands, but many can be remodeled to include islands. Kitchen islands can be as simple as a cart that you can roll to the center of your kitchen when preparing a meal, or they can be as complex as including a full sink and dishwasher or a full stovetop and oven.

#5: Curtains

Although the current trend for curtains is that they come all the way down to the floor, you can get away with “floating” curtains, or curtains that don’t touch the floor— or even the window sill. This curtain length is literally called the “sill” length and they sit about half an inch above the window sill. Most people choose this style for smaller windows, but you can also find shorter curtain lengths like this in hotel rooms.

Floating your curtains is a good idea if you have a window seat, such as seating placed in front of your window. This works perfectly if your seating sits right at the window sill, making it easy to open and close your curtains. You may need to hang these on recessed curtain tracks for the best results.

#6: Bathtub

Finally, if you have a floating vanity in your bathroom, pair it with a free-standing bathtub. If you don’t already have this type of bathtub, a simple bathroom remodel can help you achieve this since they’re much easier to install than an attached bathtub. The only downside is that you lose your shower feature, so you’ll have to install a small shower stall or commit to baths only.

Floating furniture of all types is great for small spaces, transforming them into luxurious and spacious places, as opposed to small and crowded ones. This look emphasizes clean lines and clutter-free home, so it can work well in any type of home.

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