A home remodel is not only about repairing broken fixtures; it offers a great chance to improve the current condition of your home. You can come up with great ideas that will transform your old house completely.

In this article, we’re going to cover one feature that can transform the entire look of the home: the roof. Roofing is one of the areas that need attention to detail. With the right materials, contractors, and design, a roof will significantly revamp the look of your home. Below are some great roofing ideas you should consider during your next remodel.

1) Green Roofing

This design inspiration is a unique way of including plant life on your roof. Green roofing gives an appealing aesthetic and achieves sustainable design by providing natural insulation. The effect is that your home stays cooler during the summer and feels warmer during the cold seasons.

You can use grass, real plants, or moss to come up with a green roof. It might sound like an overboard roofing idea, but it’s a sure way to get something out of the ordinary. Be sure to consult a qualified roofing contractor to get the design that will suit your home.

2) Tile Roofing

Tile is a significant upgrade from wood shingles and wood shakes. This roofing method will give your home a more welcoming and customized look. It’s one of the most long-lasting materials that can last up to half a century.

3) Solar Paneling

As the world transitions to green energy, what better way to be part of it than installing a solar roof? Solar paneling can deliver many benefits, ranging from tax benefits to lower energy bills.

You don’t have to cover your entire roof with solar panels. If you are planning to redo a part of it, consider adding some solar panels to cover the renovated section.

4) Metal Roofing

Although metal roofing has been around for decades, it’s experiencing a renaissance in recent years. Its durability and look have driven more homeowners and commercial property owners to embrace it. It also makes the home cooler during the summer because of its ability to reflect the sun’s UV rays.

A metal roof also ensures there are steady temperatures during winter and summer, which will reduce the cost of cooling or heating a house. You can make your next home remodel more practical by installing a metal roof.

5) Silicone Roof Coatings

Silicone is a fantastic remodeling option whenever you want to give your roof a new appeal without replacing it entirely. Silicone coatings offer an excellent, budget-friendly option if you are looking to enhance the durability of your current roof. It’s also helpful when you want to change the color of your roof without spending much.

Two coats are enough to create a membrane that is leak-proof and impermeable. Once the coating has set, your roof will last longer without experiencing the effects of harsh UV rays such as cracks.

6) Wood Shakes

If you are interested in achieving a more rustic look, then wood shakes are the way to go. This roofing style gives the impression of wooden shingles but with a less industrial look.

Wood shakes come from hand-cut blocks of wood. They are thicker compared to wood shingles, which gives them a unique look. They work great for homes that have a cottage-like or country design.

Bottom Line

If you are planning to remodel your home, don’t forget how much the roof can make a statement. There’s a wide range of exciting roofing designs you can consider. Select the one that excites you most and go for it.