Whether you’re preparing to sell a home or you just want to have the best-looking home on the block, there are some great ways to improve your home’s curb appeal. Let’s look at some of our favorites. They’re all really easy to pull off with a few basic items and a little ingenuity. These six improvements will give your home a little of the craftsman vibe we love so much without taking you to the cleaners.

Add Color

A little color goes a long way toward making a home truly showstopping. Painting shutters, trim or even just the front door a standout color can really make your home pop in the eyes of those passing by or approaching your home. Color adds character and gives your home a chance to make a statement.

If you’re not quite sure you want to commit to a bright hue for more than a season, consider planting bold-colored flowers in window boxes or deck rail planters. Imagine red, white and blue petunias spilling over the sides of simple shaker-style PVC window boxes when it’s time for those midsummer celebrations. Pick a color or two that you love and go with it.

Make It Symmetric

Creating symmetry is fairly easy for most homeowners. While not every home sports a set of vintage pillars to frame the front door, there are other ways to bring balance to a house’s exterior. Planters, window boxes and outdoor furniture can be placed so that they lend a sense of harmonious balance to the home’s façade.

Homes that feature large front porches might support a pair of chain-suspended swings. A modest cottage might display a couple of comfortable chairs and matching window boxes featuring identical plantings under each window. That symmetry tells the world you care enough to do things right.

Hide the Ugly

Frequently, there are flaws in a home’s outside appearance that may be difficult, if not impossible, for a homeowner on a budget to change. Maybe you have an air-conditioning unit or utility meter that you just can’t relocate or do away with. The strategic placement of a shrub or an easy-to-care-for PVC planter might be just what you need to cover up an unseemly but necessary item.

Not fond of the look of your porch floor and the edging around it, even though there’s nothing wrong with it? Perhaps a raised bed or even simple window boxes mounted at that level are just the ticket to make it all but disappear to onlookers. Rail-mounted flower boxes are also a great option, as they draw the eye up and away from a less-than-favored feature. PVC window and deck boxes require no maintenance, so using both isn’t out of the question. Choose an easy-care plant, and everyone will think you spend every spare minute slaving for the high-impact curb appeal that takes minutes to maintain each week.

Create Interest Around Windows

Windows can either be blank and staring or you can give them a spark and make them the friendly smiling eyes of your home. Welcome visitors with accents like shutters and window boxes full of your favorite plants. If you want to express a complex personality, choose window boxes that feature more intricate details like crossbucks or wrought-iron scrollwork.

There are easy-care PVC window boxes available to suit every taste, from the crisp lines of simple shaker styles to more ornate signatures with recessed panels or overlapping arcs integrated into their designs. Let your heart lead the way, and it will show in the curb appeal of your home.

Create an Outdoor Room

Nothing invites visitors to sit down and stay awhile like a neatly appointed front porch that offers ample seating and a sense of personal warmth. A porch swing and a rocker with matching cushions offer a comfortable respite from a long day. A planter full of familiar favorites like geraniums or window boxes with ever-welcoming daisies or dwarf marigolds make everyone feel at home. Planting a simple screen of foliage in rail-mounted boxes creates a little privacy from the street, and those who approach will come with curiosity. Add a simple wicker table to hold a tray of drinks, and you’re ready to entertain just like generations before.

Give It Character

We love craftsman homes for the little details that give them so much character. Maybe your home doesn’t have a stone foundation or a brick garden wall, but you can use PVC flower boxes or rail-mounted planters atop a simple fence to create some of the same effects.

Mounted below a porch or deck rail, flower boxes give you a multi-level visual effect that can be further enhanced by adding trailing foliage or floral varieties. Choose classics like nasturtiums or sweet peas to complete the cottage look.

Choose outdoor planter boxes to stand on each side of your steps or entryway. They’ll give your entry some of the same gravitas that a pillared entryway has without breaking the bank.

Repeating themes in your window boxes and planters can bring the whole façade of your home together. Maybe your shutters have barn-style crossbucks on them. If that’s the case, choose window boxes and planters with the same theme and instantly tie your whole presentation together without killing yourself over it.

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