Many of us may have dreamed about building or decorating a house of our own. Building a house may be time-consuming and extremely expensive while renovating the current one takes less time and is cost-saving.

However, when it comes to redecorating houses, many people still hesitate because they don’t know where to start and how much money should be spent.

So, to help you make your dream come true, this article will introduce to you 6 ways to makeover your home’s exterior, at a very low price.

pexels-photo-5638639 6 Low-Cost Ways to Makeover Your Home's Exterior

1. Wear A New Coat For Your House

The first thing people will notice when coming to your house is the color of the paint. When the walls begin to peel, your house may become shabby looking. Changing the color of the walls from the dingy one to a brighter, lighter, or more contemporary color can bring significant effects to your house.

Make sure you choose a color that fits the house’s architectural style, or you can combine different colors to see the best combination. The materials are simple as all you need are several buckets of paint and a roller. This can be done easily at home without asking for support from a professional designer. The result may surprise you.

2. Adjust Your Landscape

Adding some plants can freshen your garden up. However, a dense jungle of trees or an overgrown lawn could make yours look like a haunted house in a primeval forest. Removing inappropriate trees and mowing the lawns regularly will bring a fresh look to your garden.

You can try growing some seasonal or long-lasting flowers in front of your houses. Give yourself some time to stand still and watch the flowers bloom and hear the birds chirp. You may enjoy every moment of this striking and picturesque scenery. Be careful with the plants you grow so that they don’t cover your windows, which can obstruct the lights around your house.

3. Replace Your Front Door

There are many reasons why one should replace their house’s old doors. The door is usually damaged by the weather, temperature, and time. Therefore, it is necessary to replace it with a new one when you see any signs of destruction (such as dents, peeling, rusting, or squeaky hinges, etc.)

Sometimes, people may want to upgrade their front door just because it is old-fashioned or not attractive enough. Some may choose to replace the entire door while others prefer customizing some parts of it.

Replacing elements of the door allows you to mix and match. So if you want to replace it with new offset pull door handles or door colors, just try and let your creativity fly. You’ll end up with something more unique going this route anyway.

4. Add Outdoor Furniture

Have you ever thought of putting out a set of tables or chairs, a common indoor piece of furniture, outside your house, especially in the garden? Imagine yourself sitting under the sun reading your favorite morning book or enjoying a cup of afternoon tea with your beloved one; you may think about establishing a set of table and chairs.


Adding a set of tables or a rocking chair in the yard is cost-effective as you don’t have to buy a new one because you can make use of the old furniture instead. Make sure you construct a proper roof to avoid the scorching heat or heavy rain throughout the years.

pexels-photo-5638639-1 6 Low-Cost Ways to Makeover Your Home's Exterior

5. Use Exterior Lighting

Never underestimate the use of exterior lighting, especially at night. Adding several lights beneath your roof or along with the entryway makes your exterior visible at night and enables your guests to navigate more easily.

However, lighting is not always used for navigating purposes. Some people may use it as an idea for lighting decoration. For example, you can simply hang some string lights on the outside walls to make your house more glittering. Or you can make it more complex by hanging lights outlining some specific trees. A spectacular view will appear by this magical lighting effect.

6. Add Some Texture

Many historic buildings usually construct several statues in their front yard. So why not consider adding some models, such as a special stone or a simple statue, in your garden to make it look more unique? You can choose to add something related to your house’s architectural style, or a piece of art that has special meaning to you, or even a simple thing that attracts your attention.

Some people may choose to build a small pond in their garden to keep some fish or grow several aquatic plants, which may make your yard look close to nature.

Fulfill Your Dream

With a very low cost and some simple steps, you now can bring your dream house into reality. Although it may be challenging at the beginning, redecorating the house will bring some fresh air to your daily life.

However, those ways mentioned above are just some general suggestions as renovating the house’s exterior depends on individuals’ aesthetic perspectives. Referencing the image you want to set, you will be able to find the most appropriate ways to renew your lifelong home.