Do you ever wonder why you are always cleaning your home so hard yet it still looks untidy? Well this happen because cleaning and organizing are two different things. I know how bad it feels having invested a lot of time to make your house looking good and then end up getting no results. Sometime you visit your friend’s house and find the place so tidy and neat.

These heartbreaks you especially when you remember how much time you use to do cleaning in your house. But, do you ever take time to ask yourself where you could be going wrong? The following are some of the reasons that could be making your house look messy. But don’t worry they are just some simple mistakes that you can collect and forget the messy looking house. Additionally, visit Simplymaid home page to know more about modern and effective tips.

Too many toys

photo-1473662711507-13345f9d447c 6 Organizing Mistakes That Can Make Your House Look Messy

This is for families with kids. You find that in almost all the rooms there are toys. This makes your house look like a toys manufacturing company. You should choose a point or two in the house where these toys will be placed. In this point the toys should be put in order such that they do not impede cleaning. I Am sure if you do this, your house will look more presentable and organized.

Too many family photos

I know you do love your family but having family photos all over the wall does not make your house better. Family photos are no house decor, just have two or three if you must. This framed photos all the do is collecting dust in the house.

some get to the extent of having cobwebs since you no longer remember they exist. Maybe you love this framed picture that you can’t stand having them out of your house. If this is the case then please go for a designer who will make you a gallery wall out of small sized pics.

Loaded refrigerator

Nothing makes your kitchen messier than a loaded refrigerator. Most of the time, especially ladies, when you get to the house the first spot you drop something is on your refrigerator. You will find a fridge whose top there are report forms, newsletters, wedding invitation cards, bank receipts among other papers that you drop there.

The worst case then is that nobody will see the message on those papers, not even you who kept them. Instead of this please drop this document at the appropriate areas. As a result, once you done with cleaning and arranging everything where it is supposed to be your house won’t look messy anymore.

Keeping your kitchen counter too clear

After cleaning you are attempted to clear everything from your kitchen counter. It’s advisable to leave what you use most on the counter. When you are often using something more frequent it better for it to remain close other than disarranging the cabinet looking for it.

Disarranged kitchen shelves

No matter how much cleaning you have done, once your kitchen shelves are disorganized the entire place looks messy. Imagine that the utensils are clean but then a mug is placed where spoons should be. This makes your house messier than before.

Too many storage bins in the house

Having too many bins in a house does not show any arrangement in a house. The fact that they are many some remain at the corner collecting dust waiting to be moved to a new house if ever. To make your house tidy, just have one or two in the house that are strategically positioned.