Have you ever been worried about sliding down while carrying a cup of hot coffee in your hand? If your answer is yes, know that you are not alone! As a matter of fact, home accidents caused by slippery grounds are not rare. The good news is there are different solutions to prevent such misfortunes.

One of the preferable ways to keep rugs in place is rug pads. Using non-slip rug pads under your area rugs ensures that your rugs are locked in place. Moreover, rug pads work as protectors for your floors and rugs. While preventing stains and scratches on the floor, they reduce friction and prolong the rug’s life. Although rug pads are popular alternatives, you should consider many variables before choosing the right one for your rug. First of all, you should find the right rug pad size that will match your rug.

For instance, it may be difficult or at least time-consuming to find a suitable rug pad for an area rug with non-standard sizes. Plus, it will help if you consider that your rug pad should be smaller than your rug to make it invisible. Secondly, you should also decide which one will be the suitable material for your rug pad and its placement. Consider you need a rug pad for the area rug you use in your kitchen.

bordered-non-slip-rug 6 Reasons to Prefer Non-Slip Area Rugs

In that case, you should consider whether the rug pad is the perfect match for your rug and whether it will be durable enough in such a high-traffic area. Thirdly, not all rug pads last very long, so you should either search for more durable rug pad alternatives or replace your old rug pads with new ones regularly. Accordingly, there will be various essentials to think about to explore the best rug pads. Unfortunately, this process may be too overwhelming even while just thinking about it.

Antep Rugs offers the best solution with their non-slip area rugs. Non-slip rugs have a special material on the back that enables them to grip the floor and reduce movement on the rug and floor. Instead of worrying about finding a suitable rug pad for your area rug, you can enjoy the various alternatives of non-slip area rugs. We have listed some crucial benefits of non-slip area rugs that make them perfect choices for your interior design.

moroccan-geometric-non-slip-rugs 6 Reasons to Prefer Non-Slip Area Rugs

1. Prevent House Accidents Caused by Slipping

The most important job of non-slip area rugs is to prevent a safety hazard. We have mentioned that a slipping area rug can be dangerous. Do you have kids who love to run in the house? Or, maybe an elderly loved one living in your home? Then, you know you should have non-slip area rugs in your place. If you have stairs in your house, non-slip stair rugs will be necessary because stairs need more safety measures. You can safely use non-slip area rugs on different floorings, such as laminate, hardwood, and tile.

2. Protect Your Floors

Non-slip area rugs are also the protectors of your property. The materials of many rugs may be rough and scratch the flooring in time. Although laminate and hardwood floorings are durable, they are prone to frazzling. As long as you use non-slip area rugs, you can protect your floors from scratches and stains caused by rough-textured rugs.

non-slip-area-rugs-floral 6 Reasons to Prefer Non-Slip Area Rugs

3. Save You from Consuming Time

You don’t have to be experimenting with different rugs to finally find the non-slippery ones or thinking about what kind of a rug pad. Instead of spending your time and motivation with these, you should prefer non-slip area rugs that will be the solution to all of your considerations.

4. Various Styles That Will Suit Your Interior Design

We love area rugs because they are essential parts of home decoration. You can add a perfect mood to your place with a stylish rug. You don’t have to limit your expectations about non-slip rug styles to ensure home safety because you can have both. There are various alternatives for non-slip area rugs that will perfectly complement your home decoration.

5. Easy Vacuuming and Durability

Since non-slip rugs are designed to reduce unwanted mobility, vacuuming is much easier. When you have your non-slip rug, you will spend less time vacuuming and more praising the rug for how easy it is to vacuum

Non-slip area rugs are durable, thanks to their materials. Besides, the reduced unwanted mobility prolongs non-slip rugs’ life by protecting their form even while vacuuming.

6. Comfort and Sound Absorption

For most of us, coziness and comfort are essentials for area rugs. Thanks to their ideal thickness and soft texture, most non-slip rugs can satisfy the need for comfort.

Moreover, non-slip rugs are good at sound absorption. If you live in an apartment, you may know what it means to live with your upstairs neighbor’s footfalls. Not all area rugs are good at sound absorption, but this doesn’t apply to non-slip rugs. Since they are layered with a special material, area rugs also can work as a sound absorber pad. Maybe, you can even think about buying one for your noisy neighbor as an excellent gift!


Non-slip area rugs do not only complete your home decoration with an excellent style but also serve as a protector of your household and property. Since we have listed why you should prefer non-slip rugs, there remains one thing to do for you: to hunt for the best non-slip rug that suits your interior design!

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