Everyone wants to go home in a comfortable, happy, and secured place. You would want to avoid any issues with security such as theft or break-ins by ensuring that you have tight home security. While cyber attacks and crime rates increase nowadays, you want to safeguard your home as much as possible.

Many people think it’s expensive to achieve a strong security system at home because of using state-of-the-art surveillance cameras and motion sensors. However, there are simple and cheap ways to improve your home security.

Here are some ways improve your home’s security:

  1. Upgrade Your Locks

It’s so easy for bad guys to break in if your door is unlocked. Some people find using locks a big hassle. Even if you are planning to do run a quick errand, make it a habit of using your exterior locks. Upgrade your locks to more secure and stronger locks. Here are other lock solutions:

  • Use pin locks for your double hung windows. Pin and ring locks are available at home centers and online from total contec.
  • Drill a second hole if you like to lock your window in a position that is partially opened.
  1. DIY Home Security System Installation

It’s possible to have strong home security without breaking your bank. DIY or do it yourself home security system offers the same features like what a traditional system has, such as cameras, window sensors, and motion sensors. Now, you can have peace of mind because you will be able to monitor and manage your home security components using your smartphone’s app. Here are the benefits of a DIY home security system:

  • It’s wireless, so you can remove, install, move, and upgrade your system anytime.
  • It is perfect if you’re renting out or living in an apartment or cannot make any major installations.
  • No long-term and expensive contract you need to worry.
  1. Avoid Broadcasting Your Plans

Social media is usually used to post updates about your latest trip or vacation getaway. However, you should keep your plans private and avoid posting them on Facebook or any of your social media accounts. You’re just getting your home into trouble when your neighbors, friends, relatives, and strangers know that your house is empty. Keep these reminders in mind:

  • Don’t post ticket or hotel reservation pictures before, during, or even a few hours after the trip when you’re likely resting or sleeping.
  • If you want to post your travel photos, do it a day or two once you arrive at home.
  • Keep your account settings private.
  1. Installation of Reinforcement Hardware in Doors

Aside from investing in a pick-proof deadbolt to secure your front door, you can also install a reinforcement hardware. Burglars enter a house forcibly with one forceful kick or a body slam that splits your door and jamb, so you need to beef them up with reinforcing hardware. Here’s how:

  • Measure the door’s thickness and the space between the deadbolt cylinder and the entry knob
  • Buy a double or single reinforcement plate kit preferably wrap-around
  • Remove the door deadbolt cylinder as well as the entry knob
  • Remove the latch and toss the short wood screws
  • Now, install the reinforcement plate
  • Reinstalling the latch and the deadbolt plates with the use of stainless steel screws like long size is a good idea
  1. Consider Outdoor Burglar Deterrents

Burglars conduct a visual inspection as part of their planning stage. So you need to ensure that your house won’t be a potential target. Be smart and never allow your home to be selected as the top choice for a burglary attack. Check these tips and tricks:

  • Place a home security sticker or sign in your gate or entryway, even if you don’t have a sophisticated security system.
  • Trim and cut down overgrown vines, bushes, and trees around entry points such as garage, windows, doors that can provide a hiding place for burglars.
  1. Get To Know Your Neighbors

Your neighbor can be your friend or your worst enemy. Be a friendly neighbor to help strengthen your home security. They’ll be happy to keep an eye on your home while you are away. Here are some effective neighborhood security tips:

  • Form a neighborhood watch group.
  • Join neighborhood meetings and discuss home security measures.
  • Collaborate with the police if you notice suspicious activities or strangers in the neighborhood.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to attain and maintain a secure home. While you can invest in sophisticated home security systems, you also need to assess your actions, be nice to people around you and show that you can assert your home security. Now, you are more equipped with the right knowledge and skills to ensure your family’s safety and your property’s security.