It’s really not rocket science to know that an enthusiastic, motivated and loyal staff team equates to more productivity in the office.

What does take a bit of thinking about though is how you get them into that particular mind space to begin with.

Why? Because it’s absolutely crucial for your business that you do. Lazy, disruptive and argumentative staff who don’t even like each other, let alone work well together, is going to hit your profits hard. And then, there is the negative way it will make your brand come across to the outside world.

If your office environment has been feeling a bit sluggish or argumentative of late, then you should definitely make improving productivity a major priority.

So, as a boss just what can you do to help get your staff skipping in to work rather than scuttling out the door the minute the clock strikes at the end of the day? Well, here are six easy ways to do that right here:

Help with their health

Your employees won’t get any work done at all if they’re off work ill in bed with a cold, stress or some form of lurgy, so consider helping them stay well by introducing regular free fruit days, or speak to a local gym and see if they’ll give you a reduction on their subscription rates and which you can then give to staff by buying those who want it, a gym membership.

Going to the gym together with also help with office camaraderie (something you definitely want to encourage).

Manage the amount of meetings

meeting 6 Simple Ways to Improve Office Productivity

Meetings can be effective – if they’re kept to the point and as short as possible.

But they are also incredibly frustrating when you know you have a lot of work to be getting on with and someone, having hijacked the meeting, is droning on and on about a pet peeve that’s not particularly relevant to the rest of the team around the table.

The answer?

Cut back on the amount of meetings you have; your staff will love you for it.

Ensure you have working equipment

Photocopier on the blink again? Run out of printer paper? No access to crucial software for your project? That monitor dead again? All of these things, understandably, drive staff daft – especially if they happen to be on a deadline at the time.

Prevent a frustrated employee’s bad mood infecting the rest of the office by always making sure your office equipment is working and up-to-date. To do that always sign up to an after-sales service for the big stuff.

Tread carefully with targets

Big projects can take so long to reach their goal that it’s easy for staff to become unmotivated and a bit lost half way through. The answer is to set a series of shorter goals within that final outcome so that everyone can see they are continuing to achieving are definitely on the right path towards that end goal.

Pep up with praise

And when your teams do reach their smaller target then make sure you praise them and let them know you appreciate all of their efforts. Show them what a difference the task they have achieved will make to the overall project.

Praise doesn’t have to involve a monetary award or a small office celebration (although both would be appreciated by staff, we’re sure). What is does mean though is an acknowledgement and thank you for all that hard work you’ve employees have just put in.

Provide them with some chill-out space

Office-Design-Norfolk 6 Simple Ways to Improve Office Productivity

Everyone needs some time away from their desk and if there’s a dedicated, comfortable area where they can unwind, read or chat with colleagues then they’ll return to work relaxed and abler to focus on the task in hand. They’ll also appreciate you for trusting them not to take advantage of the ability to snooze too long in work!

Could your staff do with a boost? If so an office re-design is a great way to do this. At we’re experts in the field. Get in touch today for a free consultation.