Are you new to the New York City apartment rental scene? Perhaps you aren’t new, rather you are just looking for a new apartment in the city after outgrown your current one, or no longer enjoying the neighborhood. The fact that rental apartments make up 63% of the total available housing in the city means it’s a big market and a competitive one at that. So, while availability and, of course, the price of rent are big factors in the decision-making process, the actual design of the building and individual unit can also play into things.

The New York City apartment rental scene is just as unique and special as the city itself, and in fact, includes a number of stand-out design features that you may want to keep an eye open for. So, before you sign the dotted line on your rental agreement, here are six popular design features to be aware of.

Smart Use of Space in Small Apartments

One common design feature here in the city is the size of apartments. While there are certainly plenty of apartments that are roomy and spacious, there is also a fair number that are quite small in size. For anyone that has ever paid rent in the city, it’s quite obvious why people would opt for a tiny space. Affordability is a huge factor in the decision-making process, and these small apartments are much more affordable.

Then there is the fact that so many people live in the city, which means there needs to be enough space for all. It’s quite common for a building to house a lot of units just to accommodate that many more tenants.

With all that in mind, designers have gotten really smart about how to make the best use of the space that is available. This includes multi-functional furniture, room dividers that can be placed anywhere in the space, smaller furniture, and smart storage solutions.

Decorative Buildings with Ornate Features

For those who are new to the city, the first thing that may strike you is just how interesting and beautiful many of the buildings are. Keep in mind that New York City has a lot of history, with its oldest buildings dating back to the early 1700s. Because of this rich history, it’s common to find apartments with a lot of decorative and ornate features making each one feel unique and special. These features add character and personality to the various apartment buildings, allowing you to pick those that really speak to you.

Buildings are Housed Close to Each Other

Unlike in some other major cities across the country, in New York City you can expect to find a high concentration of buildings in just about all neighborhoods. This isn’t a city where there is a lot of open space between apartment buildings, which in turn affects how the building feels and the amount of natural light that each unit enjoys. The highest concentration of high-rise buildings is in Lower Manhattan and Midtown Manhattan.

Garden Apartments are Still Big

Back in the 1920s, one of the biggest trends in the city was garden apartments, which are apartments on the ground floor that have access to a garden or a yard of some sort. And it wasn’t just the individual units, it was the idea that there were trees and gardens that surrounded the whole building. Today these apartments are some of the most desirable units in the city and the idea of private outdoor green space is pretty incredible. However, these also tend to be some of the most difficult and pricey units to find.

A Blend of Styles that Span Culture and Historical Periods

This particular design feature is due to the age of the city, as it provides an opportunity to get a real blend of styles that span cultural and historical periods. You can find clear examples of art deco, Gothic revival, Victorian, Tudor revival, and even green design.

Keep Your Eye Open for Furnished Apartments in Manhattan

If design isn’t really your strong suit, and you have a hard time achieving a sense of cohesiveness with your furnishings, then you’ll appreciate the other trend – fully furnished apartments in New York. With furnished apartments in NYC, you don’t have to worry about what pieces will help to create that perfect design, you won’t have to worry about moving the items into the unit – which can be tricky – and it can also save money in the long-run.

As for where to find these fully furnished apartments, Blueground is a great option. You can choose from one of Blueground’s apartments located throughout the city in some of the most desirable neighborhoods. You’ll be able to move right in and instantly feel at home.

Unique Design that Reflects a Unique City

Apartment hunting in New York City can be a rather enjoyable event when you take the time to really appreciate the many design features that make the city so unique.