Food is a love language. It tells a story or gives a feeling of nostalgia- especially when it is cooked at home. Cooking is easily one of the most fun activities that you can do by yourself or with a loved one. Not only that, but you might also discover that cooking may be a passion of yours. But it isn’t the cleanest and tidiest activity. Whether you’re cooking, or even worse- baking, you are bound to accumulate dishes and bowls on the sink, flour and vegetable peelings all over your countertop, oil splatters, and many more. This reason is one of the many reasons why people do not enjoy cooking. But that shouldn’t be the case. Although it can be quite messy, there are ways to prevent the dirt and the mess.

A few organizational tips and house cleaning Austin will definitely help in finding your love for cooking. It shouldn’t be a dragging and tedious chore. There are many ways we can solve this. If you are looking to find ways to keep your cooking area clean, then this is the article for you. Keep reading to learn more about what you can do to make less of a mess and to start cooking up some hearty and mean dishes for yourself or your loved one.

  • Clean as you go – The most basic rule not only in the kitchen but any room or space too. Make sure that every time you cook or bake, you clear out everything that needs to be cleared out in your area. This is to prevent feeling lazy doing the dishes when you enter the kitchen. Not only that, leaving dirty dishes can attract bugs and cockroaches. So make sure you are clearing everything out once you’ve finished.
  • Mindfulness – One thing that is extremely helpful in the kitchen is mindfulness. You can apply this by taking time in the kitchen. Cooking slowly will help your brain be more mindful of your actions. This can mean many things but ultimately, you will be able to clean less after cooking when you’ve cleared everything out in between cutting, boiling, stirring, baking, etc.
  • Prepare ingredients beforehand – Putting your ingredients in a bowl and organizing them is another great way to keep your kitchen clean. Touching ingredients can be messy as it can splatter around your countertop so putting them in a bowl and just plopping the ingredients in your pot is so much easier.
  • Use a garbage bowl – Having a garbage bowl in plain sight will be extremely helpful if you are one to forget clearing trash on your countertop. Instead of walking to the garbage can, you can just put vegetable peelings or wrappers in one container while cooking, and afterwards, you can throw it in the trash can. It makes everything very clean and efficient as well.
  • Reuse your tools – Sometimes, using one pan is enough to make a dish. You may be making pasta as your meal and have been using two pots- one to cook the pasta and one to make the sauce. But using one pot to boil the pasta and make the sauce is actually feasible. That way, you will only have to wash one pot or pan after cooking.

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