A home inspection career is among the most profitable fields. However, before you can reap home inspection career benefits, among the primary considerations is ensuring that you are in adherence to your state’s requirements. Home inspection requirements vary from state to state. While you could venture into home inspection without fulfilling any conditions in some states, others may require a set number of classroom hours and a license. In Florida, for instance, you will be required to meet specific requirements to get a license. Here is a look at what you need to get a Florida home inspector license.

Take DBPR approved 120-hour course of study

Although the 120-hour course study might seem like an overwhelming endeavor, the good news is that online classes are valid in Florida. This gives you the flexibility of tailoring an approach that best fits within your schedule. While taking the course, among the concerns that you will study include plumbing system, HVAC system, roof covering, interior and exterior components, and site conditions, to mention a few.

The DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) approved 120-hour pre-licensing courses aims at helping home inspectors to understand how buildings are constructed as well as their features and how they function. With the knowledge, you can inspect and deliver actionable information, noting that home inspectors’ reports are used to furnish home buyers with relevant information regarding their potential purchase.

Pass DBPR-approved examination

After taking the course, you are ready to handle the department-approved test. To obtain the home inspector license in Florida, you must pass a written examination provided by nationally recognized institutions. While it might be confusing, DBPR issues the license, but it doesn’t administer the tests. Instead, approved institutions administer the proctored test, and as you apply for the license, submit the results as proof of passing the department approved test.

Submit to a background check

A background check aimed at checking your criminal history is a must as you work towards getting home inspector licensing in Florida. For this step, your fingerprints are required. The background check aims to establish your moral character to ensure you are of good traits. Running a criminal background check ensures that consumers’ interests are protected as they can confidently enlist a home inspector without worrying about their safety.

Get insurance

In your quest to get home inspector licensure in Florida, you must obtain commercial general liability insurance. The insurance amount is set at $300,000, and while you could see it as only a necessity, getting liability insurance comes in handy in mitigating concerns that could derail your home inspection business’ success.

Application fee

While applying for the Florida home inspector license, you are required to pay a fee. While applying online, you can pay the fee via electronic check or credit card, but if you prefer mailing your application, you need to include a check payable to the DBPR. While considering the fee, note that Florida National Guard members, military veterans as well as their spouses may receive a waiver, discount or reimbursement.

Licensure by endorsement

If you are a licensed or certified home inspector in another state that holds similar requirements as in Florida, you can be eligible for licensure by endorsement. For your application process, however, you will have to submit to a criminal background check and provide an application fee.

After meeting the set class hours, passing the department approved exam, and a successful licensure application, you are ready to venture into the home inspection business in Florida. However, this is not all; you need to work towards a successful career. For instance, if you don’t have enough cash to start your business, you could work under an established company to accumulate enough capital. If you can manage to start your business, however, you need to be innovative to ensure you attract enough clients for it to be profitable.

Home inspectors’ services are among the most sought-after in the real estate field. With every home sale, consumers enlist home inspectors to weigh how effective their new purchase will meet their needs. As you work towards getting a license, the mandatory course helps you to understand how homes are constructed, ensuring you gain the required skills to conduct a thorough home inspection. With a Florida home inspector license, you are on your way to helping potential homeowners to make informed decisions.