A kitchen countertop has a great impact on your property’s value. So, it’s crucial to select the right material for your needs. A popular and excellent choice for many people is a granite countertop.

The only problem with granite countertops is they’re available in various patterns and colors. They range from neutral colors such as black, white, and brown to bold and exotic colors, including blue, green, and red. With such options, choosing the right color for granite countertops can be difficult.

However, it’s essential to make a wise color section since granite countertops in Orlando and other places are a considerable investment. Below are some of the tips you may consider when choosing the right color:

  1. Visit Showrooms

While shopping for granite countertops online is more convenient, it’s better to visit local showrooms. Besides, nothing beats seeing granite countertops with your own eyes. Fine color patterns can be hard to photograph, and the subtle differences in textures and shades might be missed. Even shopping in local showrooms poses a challenge when choosing a color for your granite countertop.

Keep in mind that granite countertops of the same classification and color vary widely. When you’ve selected your preferred overall color such as yellow, black, brown, or blue, ask to see some samples within that color subset.

  1. Consider Your Kitchen’s Style

Is your kitchen contemporary or traditional? Your kitchen style may help you narrow your granite countertop color options. So, before you choose a granite color for your kitchen renovation, check photos or ads on television or in magazines of similar kitchen decors. Then, determine what shade or color they use.

For example, several modern kitchens have monochromatic color schemes so the countertops and cabinets belong in the same color family. On the contrary, other homeowners prefer kitchens with high contrast between countertops and cabinets, which also provide a modern and sleek appearance. Using more muted and softer colors, whether in contrast to one another or not, typically makes for a traditional look.

  1. Consider Your Cabinets’ Color

When choosing a granite countertop color, one of your biggest priorities is to find a color that complements your cabinet color. You might want to select a granite color that contrasts with your cabinets.

Rather than selecting counters and cabinets that match, select colors that contrast with one another. If both your counters and cabinets have the same color, it may not make your kitchen appealing and could only create a mass of a single color.

  1. Take Advantage Of Samples

If there are samples available, take a few when you go home to see what they could look like in your kitchen. If not, take some photos of your preferred granite countertop colors.

Once you get home, you can test the samples by covering your existing countertops with neutral sheets of paper and placing the photos or samples on the covered countertop. Doing so will let you see if the granite looks the same as your home’s surrounding elements and natural light.

Ensure to test the samples at different times of the day. It’s because the way you see color may depend on the temperature and level of lighting. For example, gray granite countertops may have potential purple, blue, or green tints, depending on how cool or warm your light is.

  1. Your Kitchen Size Matters

The color of your granite countertop may alter how small or big your kitchen seems. With small kitchens, you’d want to look into lighter granite colors to make your kitchen more spacious and appear brighter.

White granite is effective at making your kitchen space bigger. However, it takes a certain kitchen to pull off a black granite countertop and can make your kitchen area appear smaller.

  1. Keep Lighting In Mind

Granite countertop adds value to any home. However, if your lighting is bad, it can be difficult to appreciate its beauty. To avoid that, keep your lighting in mind when choosing the best granite countertop color.

If your kitchen has little or no natural light, choose granite countertops with colors gold and white. Dark colors such as black, deep blue, and mahogany look best in places that receive substantial light. Pendant and track lighting make excellent lighting options to improve the countertop’s beauty.

Common Granite Countertop Colors To Consider

AdobeStock_305525961 6 Tips For Choosing The Right Color For Granite Countertops

Black – It goes with any type of design and is a classic option that coordinates with various color schemes. However, due to its rarity, it may cost more than other granite colors.

Brown – It’s often a color choice for homeowners who prefer a country or rustic kitchen design that matches perfectly with wooden cabinets.

White – It isn’t as plain as you might think. Typically, white countertops are loaded with flecks and veins of different colors, depending on your preferred style. White granite is also an excellent choice for small kitchen areas because it can make the space look bigger and lighter.


Selecting a granite color may seem like an impossible task when you have countless options. By considering your needs, kitchen size and style, and cabinet color, you can quickly narrow down your options and provide the information needed for the professionals to help you make a smart choice. Overall, the right granite countertop color makes your kitchen look lovelier than before.

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