Congratulations! You’ve either finished your custom outdoor kitchen or are nearly there. It’s a beautiful addition to your home and creates another opportunity to make memories with family and friends. Furthermore, it’s a great way to take your hosting skills to the next level.

Now, if you’ve never hosted anything in an outdoor space before, it can be a little daunting—the setting is more intimate, and it’s your job to ensure everyone’s having a good time. But don’t worry; we’ll provide a few tips to help you entertain your guests and have them talking about this gathering for years to come.

1. It Starts With the Greeting

As your guests start walking through the door, setting the tone with your greeting is important. You should want everyone that comes in to feel the warmth—not just the first few guests. If someone arrives earlier than expected, stop your party preparation for a few minutes and make sure they’re comfortable.

You can pour them a drink or let them sample something to get them excited for what’s to come. There may also be guests that come who don’t know anyone else at the event, which can be scary. Instead of speaking to them in the corner until you’re pulled away, introduce them to someone early on. That way, enjoying themselves as the day progresses will be easier.

2. Watch the Temperature

Depending on the time of day the gathering starts, you’ll want to keep an eye on the temperature. It’s another essential factor for ensuring your guests are comfortable. If you’re hosting during the day and the sun is shining brightly, you should keep your home’s interior available so guests can get some relief if necessary. You can also have fans stationed around your custom outdoor kitchen for an extra boost.

On the other hand, if you expect the event to last after the sun sets, there may be a little evening chill. So get the blankets out, and if you can, get the fire pit going to boost the warmth. Even if it’s not particularly cold, your guests will appreciate that you’re keeping their needs at the forefront.

3. Focus on Comfortable Seating

You can’t forget to have comfortable seating during your event. Remember, your guests will be seated most of the time, and it helps if they aren’t sitting on the flat surface of the chair—unless it already has padding. But if it doesn’t, invest in thick cushions to ensure your guests don’t have to readjust every few minutes.

Another tip for guest comfortability is having seating situated in different parts of your custom outdoor kitchen. As people socialize more, the party may gradually shift to another area. And rather than having everyone standing, the comfortable seating will ensure they’ll enjoy themselves no matter where they are.

4. Proper Phone Etiquette is Important

We live in a world today where our phones are everything. It can be challenging to go without because we constantly want to stay connected. But if you’re hosting an event in your custom outdoor kitchen, you shouldn’t be casually scrolling through Instagram and Tik Tok while your guests are there.

There’s no harm in replying to a text message occasionally or even the odd phone call. But if you decide to pick up, make sure to excuse yourself, so your guests don’t find your behavior rude. In fact, they’ll appreciate your courtesy, and once you return, you can continue being an excellent host.

5. Offer Alcohol Alternatives

Having plenty of beer, wine, and cocktails at your party is essential for ensuring everyone has a good time. But it’s equally important to have alcohol alternatives. Even if you know that most of your guests enjoy alcohol, someone may be trying to abstain or doesn’t drink it at all, which is why having other options is key.

You can have soda, flavored sparkling water, or various juices. But to make a lasting impression on your guests, try creating different mocktail recipes. Think about some of your favorite drinks and try to recreate them, so those abstaining from alcohol don’t feel left out.

Your Guests Will Appreciate Your Efforts

Hosting an event in your custom outdoor kitchen can be challenging. You’re making sure you’re catering to the needs of multiple people while ensuring your hosting skills are top-notch. However, if you follow the tips above, you’ll have no problem doing so. And before you know it, your guests will be excited for the next party because they enjoyed themselves so much.

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