Whether you’re renovating the old home or building a new one, you need to make plenty of decisions throughout the process. Selecting Windows color is alone a daunting task. White is the most popular choice for windows. It seems obvious. It goes well with both inside and outside frames. However, that’s not always the best pick. Other colors like gray, brown, neutral or vibrant colors are also now trendy.

Here are six tips for selecting a window frame color.

  1. Complement Your Present Home Color

When you opt for selecting a right RAL color for windows, your home’s present color paint can come in handy. It’s important to have a proper color palette that works well with both walls and windows. If you want to go through the RAL color chart with 200 variations you can visit

As window colors should enhance the color of the home, you need to select a shade that falls under the same color palette. So, take a quick glance at the present color of the home. It can be either warm colors or cool colors.

A warm colors palette has orange, red, yellow, tan and brown that goes well with traditional style homes. Whereas cool tones include purple, blue, green and gray, perfect for modern style.

  1. Match Your Interior Decoration

Windows frame color not only complements your home but also your lifestyle. To enhance it a little bit, move inside to determine the perfect color according to the decoration.

Check if there’s a window at the entry. Is there any recent redecoration in the living room? Do you have a central design theme in the house? Also, look at the carpet, flooring and its texture. All these considerations are necessary to select the best color that suits your window.

Try out this process for every room in the house. You can pick two different colors for the window frame that will match the interior decoration.

  1. Do You Want Contrast or to Blend-In?

When planning for window frame colors, think about whether you want the frames to pop out or blend in. White is the most famous color because it’s more appealing than others and highlights the architecture. Whereas, darker shades generally blend in with the glass which creates a glossy appearance.

But there’re other colors also to experiment. In modern homes, grey is a favorite choice. Whether it’s dark grey or pebble grey, it gives a strong contrast to your windows giving the house a contemporary look.

  1. Use Neutral Colors

You might be amazed at how effective neutral colors can be for window frames. These colors are comforting as well as attractive.

Neutral colors like beige, taupe, ivory, grey or classic black provide impactful designs. If you wish to go bold, try high-contrast modern black and white colored window frames. On the other hand, grey is considered to be a cooler neutral shade. It may not seem gloomy, but when used correctly, this color gives a warm soft look.

  1. Consider Your Surroundings

The climate you live in is the biggest factor you must consider while choosing window frame colors.

Do you live in urban chaos? Then there’s probably too much dirt and dust in the air. Both very light and very dark colors show dust. So, you can apply mid-tones, silver or tan colors to hide dust.

If your area is exposed to heat extremely, you might prefer a light-colored window frame to save on electricity bills. Dark colors absorb heat quicker than light colors. Therefore, white or light shades are ideal for frames. This will keep the room cooler. Most importantly, light shades don’t fade too quickly.

  1. Match Your Home’s Architecture

Once you understand the color palette, you need to consider the window style. Matching it with the home’s architecture is the best way to do that. You should select window frame colors that reflect the architectural style.

For example, casement windows give a modern style. The clean lines and simple look offers natural lighting to the home and make it airy. Corner windows provide creative design from both interior and exterior approaches. On the other hand, double-hung windows fit with any architectural style like a farmhouse.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right color for your window frame is an important decision to make. That’s why we’ve given you some useful tips to follow. Getting an expert’s help for guidance is also recommended if you feel overwhelmed by plenty of options.

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