Whether you are a dog lover or a cat person there is a lot to be sad for creating a home where your beloved pet – or pets – will feel comfortable and loved. Canines and felines do require different levels of attention to detail, but essentially each just wants to be appreciated. However, pets can create a mess surprisingly easily, and if you want your home to remain stylish and chic there are some things you can do. Here are six pet-friendly style and comfort ideas for you.

Create a Special Entrance Room

This might sound like a step too far, but in fact it makes a lot of sense. Many custom new-build homes are designed with a small room with its own entrance, which is effectively a dog shower room! Luxurious it certainly is, but also practical if you have a dog that likes to play in the mud such as a cockapoo or any of the larger breeds! We wouldn’t recommend this for a cat, unless you have a strange one that likes water, but it’s a good idea for homes with dogs.

Match Your Dog and Cat Beds to Your Décor

Dog and cat beds and baskets are often bland, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you have a distinct décor, look for a pet bed that matches. If that’s not possible, then decorate it! Give your pet its own throw that matches the colours of your interior. This way you keep your dog and get bed in line with the rest of the room.

Have an Indoor Pet Play Area

Dogs and cats love to play. They also like to carry their toys from room to room. This can mean your carefully designed and beautifully kept living room or bedroom becomes littered with pet toys and trinkets. By ensuring that your dog or cat knows where they can play – and where they cannot – you keep things tidy in the right places. Have a large basket into which the toys go at the end of the play for added tidiness.

6-Tips-to-Create-a-Stylish-Pet-Friendly-H 6 Tips to Create a Stylish, Pet-Friendly Home

Give the Dog or Cat its Own Sofa

The concept of pet furniture is not a new one but it is becoming more of a trend. We’re not necessarily suggesting you buy a special dog sofa, but that you get one that is cheap yet attractive and teach the pets that this is for them, and the one use is not! It makes a lot of sense if you have more than one dog or cat, as there’s less chance of damage to your precious, expensive furnishings.

Keep Feeding Areas Out of Visitors View

Of course feeding your pet is part of owning animals yet it’s not really something you want your friends and visitors to have to watch. Set aside a space where dogs can feed that can be shut away, as well as a separate one for your feline friends. That way, feeding mess and smells are kept confined to that area.

Fit a Dog or Cat Flap for Access to the Garden

Finally, if you have a yard or garden that the pets use, fit a flap for them to go in and out at will. It’s surprising how many dog owners are unaware that dog flaps exist! This gives the animals the option to pop out on their own accord when they need the toilet, or they simply want to go outside.

Each of the above is an affordable and practical method of keeping your home neat, tidy, and stylish, whilst also ensuring your dog and cat are happy.

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