The bedroom might be one of the most important rooms in the home. Therefore, the room must have an interior that makes you feel calm and relaxed so that you can rest in the quiet evening hours, but at the same time, the room should also give you a boost of energy in the morning.

When decorating your bedroom, there are many things to keep in mind and this can be a little tricky. It is easy to think that a bed, some curtains, and a nice blanket are all that is needed.

However, a little finesse is required to create a bedroom that invites comfort and peace while being clean and easy to keep tidy.

In the article below, we suggest a few smart and simple ways of turning your bedroom into an inviting and cozy oasis.

Dress Up Your Walls

2-1 6 Ways Of Making Your Bedroom Cozier

Long gone are the days when people lived in homes with whitewashed walls, ordinary lamps, and family photos in standardized photo frames. Today’s trend is to have living walls that can speak for themselves.

People like to decorate their walls in the bedroom with a theme that fits their personality and lifestyle perfectly. Nowadays, you can add your touch of creativity and customize the bedroom walls.

A clever and fun way is to use old puzzle pieces that your kids assembled or puzzles you bought but forgot to put together and display them as wall art.

With a market full of innovative designs like Pixels that offer a substantial selection of vibrant jigsaw puzzles, you can get inspired with exciting ideas for decorating the walls of your bedroom.

To inject visual interest, you can incorporate customized photographs of your most cherished family moments and create custom jigsaw puzzles or take a look at their offer of motifs of landmarks, animals, architecture images, etc. and frame a few as the perfect wall art which will create that cozy bedroom vibe.

Be Practical with Space

When decorating your bedroom and trying to make it comfortable, you should also strive to make it practical.

It can be good to place a small armchair in the bedroom where you can read your favorite book, or look at the latest news on your mobile phone before you go to bed. If you do not have room for an armchair, a small side table can be good, where you can place a lamp with self-dimming light, fresh flowers, or the alarm clock.

Most of us need quite a bit of storage in the bedroom and therefore you should consider removing things that take up space. A good way to solve this is by arranging smart storage options.

When it comes to storage, you can either have shelves, a spacious closet, or pull-out bed drawers under the bed. There is a lot of space to save by having good storage.

Do not over-furnish the bedroom and try to make the bed and bedside tables match in material and color.

Go The Feng Shui Way

Feng Shui is a thousand-year-old Chinese philosophy for creating harmony and balance, both in the space around you and your soul. It’s a doctrine where the basic idea is that we are affected by everything surrounding us.

You can start by placing the bed facing the room’s door but avoid mirrors opposite the bed as they can interfere with your energy. Make sure that you choose a bed made of natural materials and try no to have heavy bookshelves. Soft shapes and calm colors are recommended to create a sense of harmony and provide a good flow of energy.

Soft Carpet and Beautiful Curtains

3-1 6 Ways Of Making Your Bedroom Cozier

It’s quite nice to wake up in the morning and step on a soft carpet. How you place it depends on how big it is in relation to the bed. You can place a slightly smaller rug at the foot end of the bed so that at least half of the bed is on it. Buy a rug that is as wide or slightly wider than the bed. If you have the opportunity, you can also invest in a carpet that covers the entire bedroom.

In terms of curtains, many people wonder whether to get sheer, undulating curtains that let in daylight or heavy fabrics with beautiful draping. No matter what style you prefer, the curtains set the standard for how the bedroom is experienced.

A trick is to opt-out of the traditional curtain rods in favor of discreet rails that are attached to the ceiling. Not only is the ceiling perceived as higher, but the fabrics will also get a nicer fall.

Decorative Pillows And Sheets

You can never have too many nice decorative pillows on the bed and they are the ultimate way to create a soft and cozy feeling in your bedroom. They should preferably be in different structures and sizes. If you get tired of them, they are easy to play with or replace.


The choice of material depends on what you like to sleep in – crispy cotton, linen, flannel, or satin. To create a warm relaxing atmosphere in the room, choose a one-colored light sheet, with an embroidered seam in a different color. A seam in silver or gold thread feels lavish.

A beautiful blanket that lies nicely thrown over the foot end of the bed is another smart way to create an inviting feeling.

A Mix of Calming Colors, Lighting, and Green Plants

4-2 6 Ways Of Making Your Bedroom Cozier

Colors affect us more than we might think, so be sure to choose the right type of colors in the bedroom. Muted ones in blue, gray, and white work nicely, and beige and pink are two shades of colors popular right now which create warmth and security.

Lighting is an important aspect to keep in mind when cozying up a bedroom and it is important to have several different light sources. Have some general lighting in the ceiling, bedside lamps, and lighting by the closet. Also, some type of mood lighting and light loops will give an added comfortable feeling.

Plants in the bedroom are not only a beautiful detail but also purify indoor air. Therefore, a tip is to decorate your bedroom with greenery. Ficus, bamboo palm, and aloe vera are some examples of green plants that make the room both airy and fresh.

Final Thoughts

To achieve the feeling of coziness in your bedroom, you must put the focus on simplicity, natural colors, smooth transitions, and minimizing unnecessary impressions.

When decorating your bedroom, keep in mind that it should be a place of rest and tranquility.

Not much furniture is needed, but make sure to choose comfortable textiles, proper lighting, and some greenery that create a calm environment, and you will sleep and simply feel better.

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