Spring and summer are just right around the corner, and this means one thing: there’s going to be an abundance of natural light that you can incorporate effectively in your home. Now that you’ve spent most of the year huddled up inside your home, it’s perhaps safe to say that you may feel engulfed by that sense of darkness and closure. You may have missed out on that daily dose of sunshine that you would have otherwise received in normal circumstances.

But this doesn’t always have to be that way and there are many things you can do to bring more natural light in. That way, staying indoors doesn’t have to feel like being stuck in the dark. Natural light can improve positivity, increase your mood, and make your home feel so much brighter and airier – literally and figuratively.

With that said, this article gives you a list of some of the best ways that you can bring more natural light into your home.

  1. Introduce Light Colors

If your walls are painted in dark colors, or you have dark and contrasting statement wallpaper, perhaps now’s a good idea to banish these completely. Repainting your walls is one of the most budget-friendly changes you can make to your home, so there’s no reason for you not to do it.

Choose paint that comes in lighter colors. These will make the room look and feel brighter, as it reflects the natural light that comes in, rather than absorb it completely. As you go through the repainting project, here’s another task that you can do: paint the ceiling a few shades lighter than the walls. Doing so will help create the illusion of height and space.

  1. Think Outside the House

If you’ve got a backyard and a front lawn that’s abundant in bushes and trees, now’s also a great time for you to give it a good trim. If your bushes and trees aren’t well maintained, they may block the natural light from reaching your home.

You may also want to consider your options for shading and shelter around your home. Some pergolas in Toronto can come with clear roofing, which provides shelter from the elements while allowing natural light to filter through. Other types of pergolas on the market are retractable, meaning you can control how much shade or light your house may receive.

  1. Use Mirrors

You may have heard of the style tip of using mirrors to make a room look much bigger than it really is. Apart from increasing the size of the room, mirrors can actually amplify light. This means that it can work to amplify whatever light goes inside a room, and therefore help to further brighten your space.

But, it’s not just enough for you to have mirrors placed randomly everywhere. If you aren’t sure how to go about with it, you can ask for tips from interior designers where to position the mirrors such that it serves the purpose of reflecting and amplifying the light that goes through.

  1. Create Shiny Surfaces

If you’re looking to change your surfaces, counter tops, and cabinets, you may also want to change up what you have to create shinier surfaces. This, you can do especially in the living room and the kitchen.

When you create shiny surfaces on certain units in your home, these can help reflect the light that’s going through the particular room, just like our mirror tip suggested above. In effect, your home’s interior will look bigger – and also brighter.

  1. Clean The Windows

AdobeStock_291119626 6 Ways To Bring More Natural Light Into Your Home

If you’ve got floor-to-ceiling windows, then good for you! But, don’t just let it stop there. You’ve got to keep your windows well maintained and cleaned, or else, it’ll only be useless. Dirty windows aren’t just unsightly, but they also block daylight.

  1. Switch Your Furniture’s Position

Consider where your furniture sits in relation to the light coming into your home. If you’ve got a blank wall, this should be where your heavy couches sit. If you’ve got the couch leaning towards the windows, then you’re blocking the light from coming in. With this tip, you don’t even have to spend anything! It can be as easy as rearranging your furniture. Plus, doing this will also give your room a brand new feel.


With these tips, now you can bring more life into your home. Especially if you’re a fan of the warm, bright sunny days, you no longer have to feel like as if you’re trapped in the dark. Even if your home has good lighting indoors, there’s nothing that can beat the natural light that can shine through during daytime. Plus, not only can it improve the mood in your household, but it can also lower down your utility expenses. If there’s any improvement that you should do in your home for this year, it’s definitely those enumerated above.

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