Research shows that humans have evolved not only to love light but to need it. More than just allowing us to see, lighting keeps us healthy, boosts energy levels, alertness, and can help us lead more productive lives.

When transforming or setting up workspaces, it’s easy to ignore lighting and its benefits. Many homeowners and interior designers focus on the visual appeal and comfort more and forget the health implications of lighting.

Such people believe that lighting is only good to allow us to read and not stumble down on the furniture. But that’s never the case.

Here are six ways to light your home office without compromising the health benefits of lighting.

1.    Location is key

According to a recent survey by The Harvard Business Review, natural light is the number one office perk. The kind of lighting in the workspace can lower or increase productivity.

That’s why you must consider the location of windows and where the light is coming from when designing your home office or setting up your workspace. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that your light source does not cast unnecessary shadows or create annoying glare on your screen.

2.    Use large windows

Based on scientific research, natural light has a powerful effect on circadian biology. It helps regulate everything in our daily lives, including sleep, hunger, wake-up timing, alertness, and immune function.

And for that reason, it is strongly recommended that you have large windows in your home. Not only does this give your home office a comfortable visual appeal, but it also allows sufficient lighting that helps boost your energies, increase creativity, and make you more productive.

Besides, large windows provide a clear view of the outdoors, which ultimately makes your home office feel more connected to the outside.

3.    Invest in circadian lighting systems

The duration of exposure, spectrum, direction, and the intensity of light we receive each day can greatly affect our circadian rhythms. Sadly, the artificial lighting in your home office may not always provide the stimulation you need for sustained daytime energy.

This suggests that you’ll want to invest in circadian lighting systems. These are usually designed to deliver natural light benefits, thus providing an environment that supports healthy circadian rhythms, making you feel motivated and more productive. Check out this page on Lighting Design & Research for more information, which highlights the benefits of circadian lighting and how to integrate it into your designs.

4.    Install the BIOS SkyBlue solutions

Sitting in areas with bright blue lighting for short periods during the day is known to improve energy levels, mood, and alertness. Sadly, it’s not always possible to do this, especially when you have tight schedules or your home office does not allow it.

To bring these health benefits of lighting to your home office, you’ll want to install the BIOS SkyBlue white LED lighting system. These lights help you regulate the color temperature and lights levels, thus increasing alertness and mood without leaving your workstation.

5.    Add accent and decorative lighting.

Beyond natural light and circadian lighting systems, you may also want to add accent and decorative lighting to help boost your home office’s visual appeal. Decorative lighting solutions – like wall sconces – offer a direct visual appeal, while accent lighting such as LED picture lights or mantel will draw attention to objects or other elements in the office space.

6.    Don’t forget that task light.

Nothing transforms an office space better than a classic task light. With an adjustable or flexible arm, it helps bring everything into focus by putting light just where you need it.

To avoid possible eyestrain, you may want to choose a well-defined desk lamp designed to provide lighting for your specific tasks. If your home office has several workstations – a desk for computer and phone work, a table for reviewing stuff, and a filing area – setting up a dedicated task light for each station might be the best thing to do.

Over to you

Now that you know what it takes to enhance the lighting in your space, it’s time to create that warm, engaging home office that will help boost your energies and productivity. Whether you choose to install floor-to-ceiling windows or buy some circadian lighting systems, make sure you create an atmosphere that blends your desired visuals appeal with the health benefit of lighting.

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