Having a small kitchen can be frustrating, especially if you love cooking and entertaining. However, as homes get more expensive and living space gets smaller, dealing with a small kitchen is a reality for many people.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to optimize the space and make your kitchen seem bigger. Here are six ways to upgrade your kitchen and make room to move.

Add a Sliding Glass Door

Natural light plays a significant role in how large your living space appears— the kitchen is no exception. As kitchens tend to have bulky appliances and cabinets that impede the light, you’ll need to go above and beyond to make this space brighter.

Install a sliding glass door to really open up the space and let the light shine in. According to the locksmith Edmonton experts, having a patio door professionally installed is the best way to find an opening that fits your home while prioritizing security. If privacy is a concern, add frosted glass to let the light shine through while keeping the contents of your home hidden.

Add Large Pieces of Art

Artwork in the kitchen is a burgeoning design trend that interior designers love this year. The addition of custom artwork is a fantastic way to bring the space to life and can be used to make the room look bigger.

Use a large piece of art as a focal point to set the tone for the room. Consider a mural-style piece that acts as a bold accent wall, using contrasting colors to create the illusion of space. Work with a skilled artist to fit the specs of your kitchen or create a DIY piece that captures your signature style.

Use Open Shelving

Traditional cabinetry is boxy and closed off to keep things looking even and tidy. By replacing cabinets with open shelving or swapping out solid doors for glass panels, you can create more visual space in your kitchen.

The key to making this design scheme look great is planning the layout of your kitchen and ensuring everything goes back where it belongs after use. You can accomplish this task by creating kitchen zones that store items you typically use together— for example, keeping your coffee machine under the shelf with mugs and pots and pans stored beside the stove.

Opt for Light Colors

Dark colors absorb light and make a room seem smaller and more imposing. Conversely, bright colors reflect light and make a room feel larger. When choosing paint colors for your kitchen, opt for lighter shades for your flooring, cabinets, and walls. A bright, shiny backsplash can make a huge impact when trying to make a kitchen look bigger.

That being said, adding dark tones to contrast the lighter elements can also help add dimension to a small kitchen. Consider using darker bottom cabinets for the trendy tuxedo look or dark flooring to offset the brighter colors above.

Use Vertical Lines

Using vertical lines in your decor can also make a small kitchen seem larger. Opt for narrow cabinets, stripes, and tall, slim pieces of art to make the ceilings seem higher. This approach can also create more functional storage space without taking up as much square footage.

When using open shelving, be sure to go up to the ceiling, capitalizing on the space above windows and doors. You can also use artistic light fixtures to bring the look together.

Optimize Your Flow

Finally, rethink the flow of your kitchen to make the most of the space you have available. Consider what you need to do food prep, such as your spices, utensils, and space. Place those things where they’re needed so that you can contain your mess to the stove and prep area.

Take inspiration from professional restaurants, which are designed for a productive flow of movement from prep to clean up.

With these six tips, you can make your small kitchen feel more roomy, functional, and welcoming.