You may be surprised to learn about some of the weird factors that could contribute to lowering your home’s value. Making yourself aware of these factors will allow you to address problematic issues better so that you can try to make your home more valuable if you ever decide to sell. Here are six weird things that can lower your home’s value.

Living Near a Hospital

Being close to a hospital might seem good in terms of the value of your home, but the close proximity could make your property less desirable. One of the likely reasons for this is the jolting sounds caused by ambulance sirens that can create more noise throughout your neighborhood. Many hospitals are also known to be busy with people coming in and out continuously, and this can also make your home a less desirable place to live.

Your Address Suffix

If you live in a home that has “street” as part of its address, your property might sell for less. Homes that have addresses with “boulevard,” “avenue” and “drive” in the address name are usually valued higher since these address suffixes often sound more prestigious.

A Death in the Home

If anyone has ever died in your home, you could have more trouble selling it at a high value. Superstitious buyers often tend to steer clear of houses where deaths are known to have occurred. Aside from the obvious morbidity, houses, where deaths have occurred, are sometimes thought to be haunted. This often proves to be especially true if a murder or suicide happened in the home.

Living on a Sloped Lot

Even if your house isn’t at the top of a large hill, your property could lose its value if it’s situated on a sloped lot. Lawn mowing and other yard maintenance tasks are often harder to perform on a property that’s on a slope. Problems with water runoff and drainage are also more common on sloped lots. Families with kids or people who enjoy entertaining outdoors may also be inclined to look elsewhere since sloped lots usually make outdoor activities more difficult.

Specific Renovations

Renovating your home can definitely increase your property value, but certain renovations could prove to be detrimental. If you live in a colder climate and decide to add a swimming pool on your property, potential buyers may see it as an unnecessary hassle since they likely won’t be able to use it very often. Landscaping your yard in an unusual way that might not appeal to everyone’s taste can also lower your home’s value.

A Nearby Major Religious Center

Living near a major religious center that’s known to attract many followers can make your property less valuable. Unless potential buyers plan to attend the center for services, they probably won’t want to deal with the influx of foot and vehicular traffic in your neighborhood. Megachurches, in particular, are known to be problematic for property values of nearby homes.

These weird factors that often lower home values might not seem so obvious to you but could cause greater difficulties in selling your property. If you can’t change any of these factors, you and your real estate agent can try working together to market your property in a more creative way to attract the potential buyers who are more willing to make an offer.