The work of a home builder starts way before the actual construction of a home. Depending on the specialization of the builder, the tasks start with a local market research to identify if the prospective home site is suitable. They will then conduct a survey of the land to determine its suitability of construction of a home. For builders who also take on the roles of a developer, they will be applying and going through the process of obtaining the required permits.

Once actual construction commences, a home builder should ensure that the project stays as close as possible to the specified timelines. It is especially true when changes have to be made within the project. Other useful skills a home builder in Canada should have are interpersonal skills to ensure they are able to deal with different clients, must be able to negotiate conflicts and resolve any arising problems.

Having seen the scope of work that a home builder, it is critical that you find the best home builders in Canada to work on your home construction project. The best home builder in Canada should have many more skills over and above construction. You will want to see their expertise and experience in supervising subcontractors, handling local zoning regulations, their grasp of the building code, proper inspection of work, and many other tasks that should go into building a quality house.

The following are questions that you should ask prospective home builders to determine the suitability for the job.

  • How long have they been in the home building industry?
  • How many similar projects have you completed?
  • Who are the specialists you will be working with on the project?
  • Are the workers you engage employees or subcontractors?
  • Can you provide references for previous clients?
  • Can I get to visit a current home construction site?
  • Do you have all required licenses to undertake projects?
  • Are your employees licensed or insured?
  • What are your training and certifications?
  • What are your charges for home construction projects and what services are included?
  • Will you provide me with a written estimate?
  • What are the charges for materials and parts?
  • What is the time estimate to get the job completed?
  • Do you have a policy for change orders?
  • What requirements must I provide?
  • What happens when costs exceed budget or pricing of materials or labor changes?
  • Could there be important considerations to foresee in my home construction project?

Some of the most reputable home builders in Canada to undertake home construction and renovation projects are:

Alair Homes


Their specialty is in home construction and renovation and have accumulated vast experience in the construction modern and elegant homes. Another distinguishing feature among home builders Canada is that they provide their clients with a construction management system for the home under construction. They put the same amount of work and care into projects irrespective of whether it is multi-million dollar home or budget home. Ask for a free estimate for your project and you can trust that your budget will not significantly overshoot the amount.

Some of the notable services provided by Alair Homes include design and building of homes, custom built homes, kitchen and basement renovations, remodeling, interior and exterior design, eco-friendly building solutions, deck building, outdoor living spaces, additions, project consultation and project management.

Effect Home Builders


Effect Home Builders focus more on home construction using environmentally friendly materials and processes. They are leaders in the use of sustainable building solutions and will customize their services depending on your location and home construction needs.

If you are looking at an elegant and eco-friendly home, call Effect Home Builders and let them know what you need. All our clients get a two year coverage for materials and on labor. Effect Home Builders provides services in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Sterling Homes


Sterling Homes are yet another home builder with a solid track record in the industry.  Their areas of specialization are the construction of duplexes and traditional townhouses.

Choose Sterling Homes today for high quality materials, exceptional workmanship, and enjoy a 10-year warranty for all construction and renovation projects. All our clients enjoy a similar level of service and will always come first.

Paradise Home Developments


Paradise Developments has a passion for building excellence and takes on projects in construction of homes. Make a call today and thrash out the details that go into constructing a home irrespective of whether it is big or small. They have created the reputation of high quality work and services for their clients.

Trickle Creek Homes


Trickle Creek Homes has delivered an unforgettable experience and beautiful homes for its clients. They are an award winning company that has a team of highly experienced professionals such as architects, designers and tradespeople who bring on board their talents.

Trickle Creek Homes offers flexible packages for new constructions, custom home builds, house planning, interior and exterior design, remodeling and renovations, and project management.

Excel Homes


Excel Homes are your go-to home builders here in Canada for new constructions and an excellent experience all through the journey. Excel Homes have built a wide range of home over the years and have won numerous awards for their excellence.

Client are assured of award winning services and an experience like no other in the delivery of their projects. Our services include floor and house planning, home design, custom home builds, project management, remodeling, design and build, and kitchen, bathroom, and basement renovations. Excel Homes is able to advise clients about existing financial options to help in bringing their dreams into reality.

Shane Homes


With more than 40 years in the industry, Shane Homes have created beautiful and comfortable homes for their clients. In fact, Shane Homes is one of the largest home builders in Canada and continues to offer award winning services to its clientele. Their clients can choose from a vast range of services including floor planning, custom-built homes, design and build, interior design, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and project management.