Changing the appearance and feel of your office can not only make the space more aesthetically pleasing. It can also help to boost creativity, generate fresh ideas, and improve productivity.

So, check out the following seven different ways to enhance and refresh your office.

1. Paint the Walls

The color of your walls will be one of the most dominating aesthetics of your office space, so by repainting, you can instantly refresh your office and make it feel brand-new.

You might even want to choose a color that is psychologically beneficial.

For instance, orange is often used in sales offices because the color is known to motivate sales teams.

On the other hand, if you want to feel at peace in your office, a white or off-white color is fantastic for giving your space a calm and tranquil vibe.

2. Hang Inspirational Items on the Walls

You not only need to consider the color of your office walls. You also need to think about the items you hang on your walls.

You may like to choose framed inspirational quotes to help you stay motivated and productive, or you may simply like to hang a work of art that you love looking at to make your office space feel more personal and comfortable.

3. Add New Accessories to Your Desk

Speaking of personalization, you can easily personalize your desk by adding accessories like a photo of your family, a colorful pot to keep your pens in, or even a cool stapler.

When you consider all the little touches, you can quickly enhance and refresh things like your desk accessories to match your taste and personalize your space.

4. Change the Flooring

Even though it’s beneath your feet, the look of the flooring in your office can make a huge difference to the feel of the space. So, to refresh your office environment, you should certainly consider changing the floor.

While you should choose a type of flooring that is aesthetically pleasing, you also need to consider practicalities, such as making sure the floor is easy to clean.

So, consider Empire Today’s laminate options.

With laminate flooring, you can get a wood look at an affordable price. And in addition to being easy to clean, quality laminate flooring is scratch-resistant, fade-resistant, and durable.

5. Alter the Lighting

Lighting in offices often tends to be either overly sterile or too dim. Neither option is great for a positive and productive working environment.

So, if you currently have strip lighting, for example, consider changing the lighting so that it enables you to focus better on your work and feel more comfortable in the space.

Whether you add a standard lamp to your office or change the ceiling lights, you’ll be amazed at just how much altering the lighting can make to the feel of your space.

6. Place Plants Around Your Office Space

Bringing nature into the office is a great way to create a calmer and fresher space.

There are all kinds of indoor plants and flowers you could add to your office, from peace lilies and snake plants to bamboo plants and Venus fly traps.

Adding a few plants can instantaneously transform your office space and make it a more relaxing environment.

7. Get a New Desk and Office Chair

Two significant items in any office space are the desk and the chair that you use.

Seeing as you will spend lots of time each day sitting down at a desk, it’s important that you choose a desk and chair that are aesthetically pleasing and go with the rest of your office space décor.

But it’s just as important that you have a desk and chair that are comfortable.

The comfort of the chair is especially important. You need to have a chair that is good for your posture and allows you to be comfortable while working.

You could even opt for a massage chair.

Spend some time looking for a desk and chair to find the right ones for you.

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