This is a season of festivity, lights and joyful vibes. It is about time that your room reflected the nature of this holiday too. Here are a few brilliant ways you can lighten up your living room to match the exuberance this special holiday celebrating Jesus’s birth. So let’s get to Christmas living room decorating.

Snowflake Hangings

Cutting out large cardboard snowflakes and hanging them from the ceiling will bring the delight of a fresh snowy winter into your house. Color the edges of the cut-outs with tinges of blue with a highlighter.

If your living room is well lit, adding glitter to the snowflakes will make the room dazzle with the Christmas radiance. This is great if you have a big party planned on Christmas Eve.

A Colorized Christmas Tree

Setting up an aesthetic Christmas tree is an essential part of Christmas living room decorating. More often than not, the tree mostly all comes with the same with the evergreen conifer theme.

However, you can go ahead and add some color to this default style to make your Christmas tree stand out special. For example, you can paint it in strips of white and red to give it an appearance of peppermint candy, which is really popular in this holiday season.

White Christmas Lights

Multicolored Christmas lights are so common these days. Adding white Christmas lights to your living room would help give the room a nice snowy ambiance. It would also be a perfect way to decorate your Christmas tree.

Starry Wallpaper

Though this idea isn’t as cost-effective, it’s perfect for your living room on Christmas night. Temporary glow-in-the-dark wallpaper would fit well with the ambiance of the rest of your Christmas living room decorations.

Nativity Scene Pastries

If the religious theme of Christmas is dying around your region, returning to the tradition with a display of Jesus’s birth on your living room table would make your decoration both stand out and stay in tune with what Christmas is all about.

Surround the display with pastries to boost the festive mood and appetize everyone around with your Christmas desserts.

Music Box

While not a visual decoration, adding an elaborately decorated music box specialized for playing Christmas carols would add to the ambiance. It would also give something for your guests to talk about in relevance to the holiday season.

In any case, the children would love to play with it, making for a wholesome background mood while the adults are talking.


Ribbons don’t seem to use as often during Christmas as it does during birthday parties.

Red and white ribbons fit well as hangings around the room, especially between furniture. If you’re invested in making your Christmas living room decorating a quality experience, ribbons are a must.

Make Your Christmas Living Room Decorating a Fun Time

Remember that this is a festive season of joy and celebration. Nothing decorates your living room like an attitude of positivity and wholesome behavior.

If these ideas don’t work out for you, you can always be sure that the effort you put into making all of your guests happy in other ways will ensure the success of your Christmas party.

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