Due to the recent events many of us have realized the need for a home office; a workspace at home where you can do your work peacefully and comfortably. Home offices save you on many things such as time and money in transportation, and office rents all in the comfort of a home. The home office needs to be productive and should be helping you in achieving your goals to the fullest. The following are some ideas for home office design to improve your productivity in your home office.

The selection of its location

The location of your home office should be wide and open. You will probably spend a lot of your hours in this room so don’t make yourself rigid in some tight space or small room while wanting to make use of your windowless guest-room with shoving a desk and chair in it. Analyze what kind of a person you are, can you work in places with some traffic or you need some peaceful place to work and then choose your location according to that. The room should be wide and open which may sound weird but will also let you think wide and open. Keep in mind that you might have to meet someone in your office while choosing the location so consider some furniture or chairs for the other person(s) too.

An ergonomic office chair

An office is incomplete without a chair and a desk. A desk could be even a wooden table that is idly sitting in your house, but an office chair has to be different. You are going to spend almost all your time in the office, in your office chair. You have got to spend some money and invest in an ergonomically correct and beautiful office chair. A comfortable chair helps you feel more focused and takes the stress out of your body. And an ergonomically correct chair keeps your back comfortable and lets you work over a longer period with improved efficiency and productivity. So don’t shy while spending on a good ergonomic office chair because it will pay back in increased comfort and longer sitting periods without being uncomfortable.

Keep windows close

In a home office, you should have a window. Windows are a great source of natural light and fresh air. We all know the benefits of sunlight and breathing fresh air that our body has. The window also doubles as a source for looking outside the house, this helps you keep an eye on the outside conditions and a place to look and reflect on instead of looking at a bland wall in your office. But keep in mind the position of the desk to the window should be adjusted in an angle so that you get the maximum light on your desk but don’t get any glares of the sunlight from the screen of your computer. This will help you save some energy to the daylight and will not disturb your viewing on the computer screen.

Use functional items

While decorating your office room you might want to add some things to the office that only doesn’t look good but also improve the ergonomics of the office. For example, keep a wooden mug on your table which might seem like a good design only but it also doubles as a place to keep your pens.            Before buying the furniture keep your workflow and the things you need on your fingertips on your mind so that they might help you in functioning. A desk should have drawers and you should keep some shelves in the office too for organized files and office work. Having a clock on the opposite wall of your desk and chair in your office also helps you with the time management.

Keep it natural

Use the ergonomics of nature. For instance, decorate the room with plants and flowers. No, we don’t want your room to look like a dead place. The plants give life to the room, keeping two to three normal or small-sized indoor plants in your office for beauty, and for a natural effect keep your office look lively.

For the flowers, you can buy a beautiful vase that goes on with the color of the walls and the ergonomics of the room and fill it with fresh bouquets once in a while. The flowers quickly brighten up every atmosphere and lift people’s spirits. As per the study by Harvard University, newly bloomed flowers may also have an energetic impact on people while they work.

And if you’re looking to add other plants to your interior design for even more of a green feel to your rooms, check out these fantastic rectangular and square planters.

Organize to inspire yourself

Keeping an organized desk and office does not only help you with staying focused but it will also make a clear difference between your home and your office. Establish a mind-temple in your office, a couple of favorite ornaments, a framed picture or a piece of art on your desk that encourages you to build or get the job finished so you can get out of there. A framed quote that boosts you, a picture of your idol that will keep you motivated, or a snapshot of your kids that can remind you that it is all been done for them. Also, put only easy to maintain and important office furniture and other stuff for the office so you don’t end up wasting your time and decreasing productivity due to them.

Color of the room

Think above the general norms of office colors, they are usually “office beige” and other dull colors. Keep a color that gets your horses running. It may be a cheery and bright color such as orange, lime green, or sky blue. Or on the other hand, it may be a rather calming one like botanical green, seafoam blue that might help you perform. This varies from person to person on which type of colors make them more comfortable and get them working to their fullest. And if you don’t have a natural light source (a window) in the room try going with a lighter shade. You can go for a clear white coat of paint to the room but you will have to get the furniture accordingly then.