Are you looking to sell your home this year? Then you are likely wondering if you should repair your home before selling or just leave it as is.

Home buying and selling amid a pandemic can be trickier than you think. With the pandemic affecting the dynamics of real estate, drastic changes are happening.

Thus, you should grab all opportunities that will make your home stand out from the rest. And you can do so by conducting certain home repairs.

It’s important for you to know whether you’ll have to replace any fixtures or appliances on the property. The main reason for this is that a potential buyer may ask to see your property before committing to a purchase. Without having made any repairs to the property, your house will unlikely get a second look from the buyer.

Are Repairs Always Necessary?

It has been a common practice that homeowners need to prepare their home before a sale through decluttering, cleaning, and some even go through repairs. It’s true, as performing necessary repairs in your property is advantageous in increasing the property’s potential resale value.

However, keep in mind that repairs aren’t always necessary in a property as there are buyers that purchase properties in their current condition. Selling your home to these reliable home buying companies, like the Mill City Homebuyers, allows you to ditch repairs and get your cash right when you need it.

Choosing this home selling option is advantageous if you’re in a hurry to relocate to your new residence, you’re in need of immediate cash, or your property doesn’t need a lot of repairs to begin with.

On the other hand, if you still want to proceed with doing your home repairs, you’ve also come to the right place.

But what are the important repairs to make before selling a house? What are the cheap fixes to sell a house more effectively?

Continue reading below for seven key repairs to consider before selling your property.

  1. Start with the Paint

What are the important repairs to make before selling a house? Think only of one word: aesthetics. Hence, start by giving your house a dash of fresh paint.

Applying new paint to an old house is one of the easiest and most affordable forms of repairs you can do. And the good thing about repainting a home is you can go the DIY route.

When choosing the colors, the safest bet is to go for light or neutral options like gray. You want to keep the styling at a primary level. Furthermore, you don’t need to paint every room in the house.

Instead, repaint the ones that badly need a new paint job. These are the rooms with extensive dirt and chipping on the old paint. Make sure that you can estimate how long it takes to paint every room to get the work according to your planned home sale.

Going DIY on a paint project will cost you a-5 gallon bucket of paint and a sturdy paintbrush. Before you apply the fresh paint, make sure to wash the walls first. Also, clear the spaces by ridding of all the clutter.

If you’re planning to paint the home’s exterior, make sure to schedule the job on a potential sunny day. Although the day-to-day weather is unpredictable, scheduling a paint job ahead on a good climate can help you avoid inclement weather.

If your property needs to be painted by a professional, you should ask for quotes before signing any agreement. A good painting company will be able to give you a quote on the cost of the paint job as well as any other inclusions in the contract. Once you’ve found a contractor who can carry out some of the work, it’s then up to you to ensure they complete these repairs to a high standard.

  1. Mind the Floor

Another important aspect that you need to repair is your home’s flooring. If you have hardwood floors, you will need to refinish them. The good thing about refinishing hardwood is that it yields substantial returns.

Professional flooring will cost you around $10 to $12 per square foot. And this amount is for faux wood. If you’re using real wood, the cost can go up to as much as $30 per square foot.

But if you have some carpets, drop the refinishing and instead replace your old carpets with new ones. Stick to neutral colors when choosing carpets.

  1. Lighting Counts

Giving your walls some fresh paint coating is great. But if your lighting fixtures suck, homebuyers may not appreciate the beauty of the paint. Thus, update your lighting fixtures accordingly before selling your property.

Do you have chandeliers, then keep the colors consistent with your home’s hardware. Don’t mix silver tones with gold. Instead, pair some chrome with brushed nickel.

Oiled bronze and copper will also work fine.

If your dining area features generic lighting, consider replacing it with pendant lights. These lights are relatively affordable. You can even find some for under $100, which is perfect if you are going the DIY route.

Also, check if your old chandelier still works with modern times. If your chandelier is too big and gaudy, consider taking it down. Replace it with something modern and bright.

Most importantly, revisit every room’s lighting layers. Ideally, a room should have a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to bring out the functionality and aesthetic of the room.

  1. Boost The Kitchen

If there is one area in a house that excites a lot of homebuyers, it is likely the kitchen. Not only is it a place where homeowners create sumptuous gastronomical treats, but it is also a spot where families make some of the sweetest memories.

Thus, make your kitchen more inviting by conducting some minor repairs. If the paint and lighting look dated, change them with something more modern. Do the same thing for worn-out countertops.

If your kitchen counter is not that big, you may install granite countertops. As for the main kitchen appliances, buyers expect your dishwasher and oven to be in good working condition.

Also, make sure your kitchen gets the proper tiling it deserves. Tiles in the kitchen, as well as in bathrooms, are one of the first things prospective home buyers inspect.

You may not welcome the idea of repairing your home before selling. However, no one wants to buy a home that needs plenty of repairs and maintenance unless you reach out to cash home buyers. When you sell your house to reliable companies such as Burlington House Buyers, you don’t really have to worry about these things because you’ll receive an upfront cash offer for your property.

  1. Update The Bathroom

The bathroom is another important space that homebuyers pay extra attention to. The first thing you need to ensure is the cleanliness of your bathroom. This means there should be no leaky faucets or busted toilets.

If the toilet seat looks old and yellowish, consider replacing it with a new one. You also want to clean up all the grout. The same thing with your kitchen, replace all missing tiles if there are any.

Additionally, remove the old wallpaper and apply some fresh paint. Ideally, brighter colors work best for bathrooms.

And if the cabinets look old but are still working, don’t replace them. Instead, repaint them with gray or black, or white for a cleaner look.

  1. Improve the Landscaping

Not all repairs involve your home’s interior. The moment a homebuyer enters your gate, they will begin assessing the exterior. Thus, you need to improve your landscaping.

Check for any patches on your lawn. Examine the grass if they’re growing more than they should. If so, you need to give them a good trim.

Plant some grass seeds on the patches. Infusing a new batch of shrubs will also give your yard a more inviting vibe.

If your lawn seems a bit dull, add some color by planting bright annual flowers.

  1. Functionality Matters

Last but not least, ensure the overall functionality of your home. This means making sure that everything is in good working condition.

Start with the switches in every room. They should all work to perfection. You should also repair your HVAC system if there are any issues.

Some buyers hire professional home inspectors to make sure they are getting the best value out of their money.

If you wish to pass the inspection with flying colors, you may find realtors in Tampa who can help prepare your home for selling.

These are the Important Repairs to Make Before Selling a House

These are the important repairs to make before selling a house. You can increase the value of your home while also making it prettier and more presentable for potential clients.

It’s never too late to make your home presentable. Whether your roof needs to be repaired or your pipes need to be fixed, now is the perfect time to do something about the existing issues in your property.

You might not think that your home needs any work but before you list it for sale, you have to make sure it’s ready. Knowing the essential repairs before selling a house is an excellent way to make sure your home is purchased for what it’s truly worth.

But repairing your home is only one of the many options for increasing your property’s resale value. Check out our other articles for more home improvement tips and tricks.