Your garden space can be your safe haven, a place where you can just relax, or have fun in planting fruit bearing crops or ornamental plants. It doesn’t really matter whether you have a spacious garden, or one with a limited space. What matters is that you make the most out of your garden space.

  1. Consider where the sun shines

It is important to consider what part of your garden is directly hit by the sun’s rays, as well as the portion where it is shaded most of the time. There is a great chance that the part of your garden that is hit by the sun’s rays is where your plants will benefit the most. Thereby, you can arrange your plants in this portion of the garden. On the other hand, the area where it is mostly shaded can be where you lounge or relax while you are in your garden.

  1. Integrate multipurpose furniture

Regardless of whether you have a spacious or a small garden, a multipurpose furniture will always be a great feature. These kind of furniture is sure to maximize the use of your garden space. To get a better idea on what you need to get for your garden, there is a wide variety of featureDECO garden furniture available to look into online. They have been known to last for a very long time, and told by clients to be worth every penny. There are those that are grand enough to be the focal point of your garden, and there are also those that are compact enough to perfectly fit in one corner. Some of these furniture, even features extra storage spaces.

  1. Make use of lighting and mirrors

The proper lighting and mirrors that are strategically placed can definitely make the illusion of a bigger space, even in your garden. It can even accentuate your plants, making it appear that you have more greens than you actually do. Remember that the lighting in your garden should be kept subtle, and it is best if they are utilized to highlight your specimen plants, giving your garden a feeling of depth.

  1. Maximize the use of your pots

You can make use of your plant pots as your garden features. While new and trendy pot designs may be tempting, it is often quite challenging to incorporate them into the existing look of your garden. Thus, it is best to invest in plant pots with a neutral tone or with a classic design, which proves to be timeless. Nevertheless, you still have the option to bring in a couple of striking pieces that can be used as your garden accessories. This way, you don’t need to go for other pieces that may only make your garden look small or cramped.

  1. Grow plants on your wall

Another trick to maximize your garden space is by vertical gardening wherein you grow vines and other crawlers into your walls. Nevertheless, it doesn’t necessarily have to be vines or crawlers, you can even hang around potted plants on a rock or wooden wall. Just keep in mind that the wall should be sturdy enough to be able to hold the weight of the growing plants.

  1. Practice succession planting

Succession planting is growing one type of fruit-bearing crop, harvesting it, and planting another kind of crop in its place. This type of planting method is appropriate regardless of the duration of the harvest season, whether short or long. It is only not limited to fruit-bearing crops, but this can be employed even for ornamental plants wherein other varieties can be planted as soon as you gather a significant number of flowers. This is a great way to make the most out of your garden space and growing several different varieties of plants.

  1. Try companion planting

Another method of planting that you can use to make the most out of your garden space is companion planting. There are plants that naturally grow well together and there are also those that impede each other’s growth. Leverage with these beneficial relationships among the plants such as planting radishes among your carrots. This is because you will be able to harvest your radish, long before your carrots even start to develop. Another option is to plant your lettuce under your tomato plants to give your lettuce a natural shade from the heat of the sun.

pathway-2289978_1280 7 Noteworthy Tips to Make the Most of Your Garden Space

There are several means to make the most out of the garden space you have. Integrate a multipurpose furniture or create a private space using your plants and ornaments. Just keep in mind that whatever you decide to do with your garden space should make you and your plants feel at ease. After all, your garden space, filled with your favorite plants, can be one of your comfort zones.